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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Race Updates!

There's been a few RACES, I've ran in. Quick Re-cap!!

St. Patty's 5k
[March 17 2012]
3.06 mi
10:26 pace

Snow Falling, Rain, Freezing, Puddles, Wind, Bloating, Cramps, Fatigue; I GOT IT DONE, setting a new PR for 5k!! Yeahhh, I feel like a total BADASS!!! :D
Snowy Finish

Troop 1751 5k Run
[April 21 2012]
3.11 mi 
10:33 pace
I hadn't RAN outdoors in over 2weeks; Add KILLER HILLS & we got ourselves an INSANE CHALLENGE!! I FINISHED w/Husband & Girls CHEERING ME ON; It was their FIRST Time joining me at a RACE; Husband was SO proud, and kept telling/showing me w/hugs & kisses!! I was the HAPPIEST GIRL on earth!!

My Cheer Squad

Girls ran across the finish line with me!

The Color Run
Mother's Day with my Girls
[May 13 2012]
 I was called "DEDICATED MOTHER" and received countless "Happy Mother's Day" along with other sweet "way to get out there w/3 little ones" compliments. Leanna also got her compliments as being a "SPEEDY LITTLE RUNNER"! We had a FABULOUS Day in Seattle and I enjoyed my time with my girls at their FIRST 5k!! :D

Seattle got Color Runned!

Girls had a BLAST at their first Race!

Virtual Marathon; May 2012
Logged in 26.6 Miles 
I Crossed the FINISH LINE for the Joggermom Marathon; 26.2 Miles for the May was dedicated to the FABULOUS VIRTUAL EVENT!!!!! :D

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