From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Runday!

Sorta Kinda.

I really wanted to get out this weekend to RUN, to test out the aching foot. I had taken it "easy" after the half-marathon, the Mud Run wasn't so stressful on it.

It didn't happen Saturday Morning, like I had originally planned, and then Serena started to puke, it continued throughout the day. She ever started to run a fever, needless to say, I was staying home to comfort my poor girl. I planned again for Sunday Morning, Nope, Baby Girl was still sickly. Soooo....Naptime it was. I had a friend join me and it tuned out to be almost 5 miles of Walking, Running and Chatting. I had to pace myself and pay close attention at my foot. It began to ache and I pushed through a few times, and then layed off with walking. We went from pavement to trails, to help "ease" the pain. Whewww, got. it done.
Time to get serious with Half-Marathon Training, which will be tough...I've got my eye for a Sept 23 HM, which also is my 8 Year Wedding Anniversary. Since, he won't be home, I think 13.1 Miles of Running is a FABULOUS way to celebrate for a GREAT cause too!!! 

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Super {Muddy} Mama!

World Concern 5k Mud Run
Island Lake; Crista Campsite
Fabulous Sunshine Weather
Hills, Hills, Hills
Finished in 58:50

"Get caked in mud from head to toe and make the world a better place. You’ll not only have fun slogging through muddy obstacles with your friends, but you’ll also help provide clean water for people in some of the hardest places in the world. Through water wells and rain water catchment systems that can serve entire communities, every $15 raised provides sustainable clean water for one person." 
`World Concern

Event Site

Mud Run Swag

WooHoo!!! I completed my first 2012 MUD RUN Y'all and it was a little tough!! My [right] foot is still achy from Sunday's Half-Marathon, so I paced myself in the Running. There was a total of 10 obstacles, not as intense as the last mud run event I was in. However, there was PLENTY of [steep] HILLS, Ups and Downs, I wasn't the only one walking. I was out of breath after 10 minutes from jogging uphill, and so was another friend. It was AWESOME seeing familiar faces, especially ship wives. 

Before the Mud

Muddy Mama

After the Mud

Feet got a beaten

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Friday, July 20, 2012

First Half-Marathon

See Jane Half Marathon Seattle
Garmin Stats;
13.14 mi
Avg Pace:11:51 min/mi
Elevation Gain:196 ft
Calories:1,450 C

Official Chip Time; 2:48:53

Gloomy. Light Rainfall. Windy. Peek-a-Boo Sunshine. Typical Washington Day.

Race Swag, even a Fabulous Re-usable Bag

Race Gear Ready
Quick Snapshot before the Race

Just call me, Super {Runner} Mama!!! I did it, I crossed the FINISH LINE; STRONG, I did it!! 
Let me tell y'all it wasn't easy; with little to no [training] running in the past 4 weeks, I was super nervous but beyond excited!! It was a pretty BUSY few days leading up to the BIG Event, there was a week full of SUNSHINE. It was a BIG DEAL in Washington. And, I was tanned and relaxed. I wasn't sleeping well, haven't been since husband had been out to sea. And, then we received the news of a [SUDDEN] change in DEPLOYMENT Plans, 4 months earlier than expected. Husband had just returned from a deployment in March, only home for roughly 3 months,....bummer but duty calls.

Soooo....I very much needed this [RACE] RUN, I needed some time to MYSELF, in a different environment and I would be crossing a HUGE Goal off my Fitness List for 2012. It took a lot of [easy] planning; a friend to watch my 3 girls, ferry ride schedule, mapping the drive from the ferry terminal, figuring out the bib packet pick-up. Thankfully, asking a friend was easy, I'm happy I've met some Fabulous Mama's and I'd return the favor just as easily. Ferry Ride was made less stressful, since I was able to go to the See Jane Run Expo the day before for the packet pick-up [a little Seattle outting], and the drive from the terminal would be roughly 20minutes. Whewwwww! Sunday Morning came; 4:20 Wake-up, 4:50 Wake-up for girls, 5:45 Girls Drop-off, 6:20 Ferry [50 minute] Ride; BUSY Morning before 13.1 Miles. Right!? Hah

See Jane Run; Parking was somewhat easy, the excitement and nerves were HIGH as I walked up to the event location. They had just started the "stretching" for Half-Marathoners, I got in on a little; Ouch!! It had been a few weeks since I lunged, or Squated. I asked another runner to snap a photo; before snapshot. Shortly after, we started lining up for the pace groups, I stayed in the 10-11:59 min/mile group. It was a little slow once they sounded the "GO", crossing the start line. And, then off, I went...

Mile 1-6; I RAN the entire first 6 miles straight, with the exception of a bathroom break at Mile 3 and water stations. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL; a little windy, a little rainfall, a little gloomy weather was PERFECT!! We made a loop at one point, so you would ran against others. And, then....I heard yelling from above the music....The FIRST runner was coming through against the crowd, everyone cheered her on and this continued with others not too far behind her. I could SEE their speed, the motions, their bodies were on FIRE. It was pretty amazing, and inspiring!! And, they were pretty damn FIT, you could see their muscled, toned legs; Wow!! 
Space Needle in the distance

Mile 7; It started out a little rough, my body was a bit worn in, I grabbed a GU GEL at one of the stations and it helped a little. It got a little warm, somehow zipped out of my pull-over and tied it to the waist. The fresh air felt gooooddd!!! Running alongside a lake, seeing sailboats, restaurants, roadways at the other side. Plenty to keep distracted with.

Mile 8-10; Kept going, pushed it with sprints, I could see the SPACE NEEDLE in the distance; AMAZING!! The sun peeked out several times, I took a few stretching/walking breaks. There was HILLS, STEEP hills going down. I thought I going to fall. Hah! We crossed over a bridge, at Mile 8, looping back toward the Park. I could see it, I could see it WAY in the distance. I smelled the excitement.

Mile 11; Holy Cow, it felt like forever!! There was a loop but it seemed like it was NEVER going to be close. My Right foot started to ache, I knew I was pushing myself more than usual and I kept telling myself, "you're almost there, you're almost there". I gave myself some walking time. And, went full speed when I was ready. There was a cheer crowd at Mile 12, so close, so close.

Mile 12; This is it!! I knew I was a MILE away, I was running against the other runners (who would realize the turn-around wasn't as close as they thought), I paced myself, going uphill was a bit rough, once, I was up, I hauled booty and FINISHED STRONG!!! I was over the moon with happiness. And, quickly asked someone to snap my picture. :D

13.1 Miles of Peace & Quiet Accomplished!!!

I quickly went to grab a banana, water, bagel; I was STARVING!! Caught my breath, stretched, sat, took in the RUNNER'S HIGH and then took my booty over for CHOCOLATE & CHAMPAGNE!!!

The Champagne glass is SO FABULOUS!!!

Photo Booth Fun

I can add Half-Marathon along to my list of RACES. It was an AWESOME Experience and after 8 hours away from my 3 girls, I was READY to be back with them. MUD RUN is coming up this next weekend!!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"