From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the Year 5k!

end of the year 5k!!
and, I stacked this 5k for two virtual races!! BAM!!

My girls went to dinner with their cousins, so this mama took full advantage of "me time", got dressed and laced up the asics, and headed out. It was dark, and my SIL's neighborhood had several dark areas, minimum lighting. Afterall, we are out in the country. So, I went FAST in some areas and eased off in others (no repeat of a sprained ankle, please). It was still pretty windy but I was getting my run on and I was loving it.

Finished Strong; 5k in 35:19

 {for the love of the kids} New Year's Resolution Run 5k
My race [bib] packet was mailed to WA and I didn't receive it before we left town. Not to worry, I received my bib number via email, and logged in tonight's 5k. I have the half-marthon that I will be running on January 1st, the whole 13.1 miles, no better way to start 2013 Running [First Race for the challenge; 13 in 2013]!! The medals are fabulous and so is the tee swag. I should be receiving the medals sometime in January; 5k to be added to the 2012 bling and half-marathon will start the 2013 bling.

{FUNd Run 4 Bling} Snowflake 5k
Here's another fabulous race. I have the medal sitting on my counter at home. It was just waiting to be hung with the 2012 bling and I meant to run the race before I left but it didn't happen. So, here it is. Done. I've participated in 5/6 races with this awesome group. And, have more in 2013. Her bling is pretty awesome and the girls are also participating in the kids run.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Resolve to Run {#anywhere5k}

{Virtual Race recap} Talk about challenging!!

It took everything I had to get through this 5k! And, I mean everything!
I participated in another fabulous virtual 5k hosted by #anywhere5k. This is race # 4 or 5, I think.

I planned to get this run in on Saturday but after an impromptu night out and hangover, it didn't happen. Yepp, I let loose and paid the price. That's not happening again. Ehh...

So, onto plan #2. Running on a Sunday morning. And, even that didn't go as planned. Baby girl woke up around 4:30am and cried for nearly an hour and 1/2. Ouch! I slept in past my alarms.

I was out the door around 10:30, ran to the store to grab a hat and Chapstick. I can't believe I forgot to pack my running hats! I ran along the country roads, loving the fresh air, the view of grass fields, horses and cows. I was not enjoying the cold wind, it was killing me, my legs were so heavy. I was sweating out the last of the hangover, agh!! I wanted to go longer (in attempt to knock off another virtual 5k) but it didn't happen. And, that's fine.

Finished strong; 3.14 in 36:44!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

{run to the finish} challenge 13'

So.... I came across this challenge recently from one of the runner blogs I follow, and was ready to go. I actually find myself, using a 'gratitude' app. almost daily. And, often write notes into my fitness binder while hitting goals or just because. So, this is just another little 2013 Goal. 

{ONE WORD CHALLENGE} another 2013 challenge; FOCUS!!

Want more info on the challenge head over to Run to the finish. Join in!!

"For January 2013 the challenge is simple…and hard because it may require changing your patterns. It’s about creating one single new habit. Enjoying the success of your habit to build more habits.
Challenge: 5 minutes upon waking spent saying affirmations, creating a gratitude list, meditating, or free writing. 
GoldenMorningsTony Robbins likes to call it the Hour of Power and Zig Ziglar promotes at least 15 minutes…but we are all about making a habit that will stick by starting SMALL and relishing that SUCCESS. The idea of our 5 minutes is to create a POSITIVE mindset for our day.
TIP 1Even if you are finding day two that you can do 10 minutes, 20 minutes…DON’T!! Week one stick to just 5 minutes, we don’t want to start strong and fizzle.
TIP 2: A starter guide to meditation >> Check out all the ways it can benefit you and some of the top performers who use it like Oprah, Albert Einstein, Elle Macpherson.
TIP 3: Why free writing? Have you ever noticed that you repeat things over and over in your mind? The act of simply writing it down seems to help us let it go, move on and focus our energy where it’s really needed.
TIP 4: Here is why I started a daily gratitude journal and it creates an incompatible behavior with stress. You cannot be thinking thoughts of love, appreciation and joy while simultaneously feeling stressed.
1. Register here for free >> Sign up
2. Receive weekly emails when a new post is up where you can link up anything you’ve posted and get more motivation, tips and details on making each morning count.
3. Post the logo on your site with a link to this page to encourage friends to join.
--- I’ve talked about this before, but the community we have created is what makes these challenges successful for us all. Accountability. Idea Sharing. Friendship. Motivation. Excitement….tap in to all of it!
--- Right click save image as
4. Use #bestfoot on Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’ll be following and re-tweeting and responding!
5. Print out the tracking sheet and mark off each day you complete your 5 Golden Minutes"

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Fun Fact Friday

happy friday y'all!!

ya'll ready for another random goes it!!

1. I jumped out of bed while scrolling down my fb newsfeed yesterday morning when I saw a photo of my man!! Yes, that man who is currently on month #4 of deployment. {{YES, I often visit {stalk} husband's SHIP facebook page, when they hit port for possible photo's of him.}} They recently made a port visit in DUBAI!! And, he volunteered for a COMREL (community relations) project. He was busy at work, and we were SO happy to finally see action photo's. This wasn't his first COMREL, he has volunteWe are anxious for homecoming!

2. My 20 yr old sister could be my twin! Yes, I'll admit it...and everyone is constantly saying when they see photo's of us. Especially, now that I'm in town. She is 20 years old, so I'm flattered. I look young, thanks...I'm pushing 30 but don't feel it one bit. It's just a number in my book!! Would you agree?

3. I'm head over heels with flats, like all kinds; toms, bobs, leopard print, khaki's, chevrons...and so on...I love them! I've got an every-growing collection but can't wear them on rainy days. I've tried a few times, and soaked feet aren't fun!! My rainboots are another growing {fabulous] collection!!

4. Starbucks Venti Dirty Dirty Chai Latte, please!! What's that you ask?? It's a chai latte with 2 espresso shots. SO YUMMY & my ultimate fave! go try it!! Ohh, I love Washington. It feels weird NOT drinking coffee on rainy cold days. I'm an addict, and happy keurig owner. If it's not coffee, it's green tea, chai lattes, green chai tea, even hot cocoa with my girls.

5. You know you're a fitness addict, when your family mentions they have a new local gym.
I'll be getting my gym time on this weekend, while in the country.

6. I've been called, "the craft queen, crafty mama, craftiest person I know, craftaholic, creative mama, creative {running} mama, miss crafty pants,.....etc" by countless friends since high school. It's true, I take pride in my projects whether they are home decor, scrapbooks, kids crafts, wall art, you name it. Earlier, I was looking through  a few boxes that have some of my items, like photos and other crafty such from high school. Wow!!

7. Since, I'm home and I've been asked about my husband A LOT. I've realized that in 2013, we will mark 10 YEARS since we met and became a couple!! 10 YEARS, unbelievable!! We met through his SIL on June 20, 2003 (while he was on leave after deployment), she was my co-worker and it was a done deal. We talked and talked for almost 2 weeks, we fell in love and started this "long-distance relationship", he was stationed in Hawaii! We married September 23, 2004. I think it's cute when my {now} growing nieces & nephews {in-laws} 15+ years, ask how we met and how it all began. TRUE LOVE Y'ALL!

8. I've been debating on my latest pair of eye glasses for a few months now. It's like I get a new pair every year and have the hardest time over & over. And, it's sad, because I almost want to get the same exact pair but take advantage of the 'new look' option. {same thing for running shoe} still on the search,,,

9. It's almost January; I've been anxiously waiting for a few months now {silly, I know}!! Not for the whole a new year, a new start deal. Because, it's 2013, ...we are in the YEAR that homecoming gets [a whole lot] closer, become [way more] real. No more, next year business, now it's the same year. We have our HALF-WAY party in 2 WEEKS {Saturday} and I have yet to even look for a DRESS. I will next week, it's an OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM theme. Dressing up, red lips, wavy hair, heels, Oh My!! A totally different look from the housewife, stay at home, runner mama look. Aghh, I'm EXCITED!!

10. Happy 2013 Y'all!! I hope y'all have a safe and happy celebration with your loved ones!! And, don't forget to set those goals and make it happen!! *happy running {happy fitness] happy health*

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Greetings from Texas!

 sunshine {cold front} overcast {surrounded by family} happy holidays y'all.

{Saturday Travels} After 7 hours of air time, 3 girls, 2 plans with a 2 hour layover, 1 exhausted mama. We made our way to Texas for Winter break and it has been CRAZY BUSY.

[airport arrival; mama survived!]

{Today} It’s currently Thursday, and we've got a house full; 3 little brothers (17, 10,7,) little sister (20), my 3 girls (6, 3, 1), 2 nieces (4, 3) and 1 nephew (6). We expect 2 more nieces (3, 4) later!! It's currently COLD & GLOOMY! I want my sunshine back, we want outdoor play.

[family time is the best time]

{confession time}
*I have not ran, at all. I have thought about lacing up my asics but instead, planted my booty on the couch and enjoyed every.single.second watching my girls interact with my family. I actually didplan on running later today [with awesome texas sunshine all around} but mybrother and his family were on their way. He took leave {vacation} time to spend the holidays with family. So, here’s to another fabulous family gathering. All but 2 nephews to complete the bunch. I’m one happy aunt/sister.

*I missed out on Sunday’s [santa hustle] half marathon, my sister bailed last minute. And, I was a little upset & annoyed but it wasn’t the end of the world. Awesome thing, more than a few of my family members, when greeting with hugs, asked how my race went. I was pretty amazed that they knew {via facebook} or heard from my mother in law {she doesn’t have fb}. And, they continued to ask,”well, when are you racking up miles?, we want the girls to come over.” They automatically knew I was going to run, NOT goout drinking or shopping. I sure was smiling. I have the {funD for the Run}Winter Wonderland 5k. This weekend, the #anywhere5k Run! Next week, {for the love of the kids} 5k and half marathon. And, then just running in between.

*I have been on all you can eat, home-cooking { tamales& soda pop} streak for 4 days! Today, it stopped; back to a normal eatingroutine for me, somewhat. I just snacked on an apple.

Leanna kept reminding everyone this, “the holiday season isn’t about toys, it isn’t about presents, it’s about family time.” My girl is totally right.

I hope y’all had a fabulous Christmas, filled with family!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Friday, December 21, 2012

happy winter y'all

The WINTER season has officially began...there's still snow on the ground here and now icy roads.

It's definitely looking & feeling like winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Have a fabulous fit day; happy running!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

26 for 26

{26 miles for 26 angels}
Last night, I jumped on the saddle, and spinned my heart out, 26 miles in 1:15.

I've been so heartbroken with the tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary. And, while I tried to avoid the media on it. I did come across a few stories of the victims.
I found peace with myself during the spin. Being so hard on myself a busy week. Realizing that the big things on my list weren't that big. Reminding myself, that the little things matter the most.

{winter wonderland; snow day}
I mentioned snow on a previous post. Well, we received roughly 5-6 inches yesterday!! We woke up to a winter wonderland, and it snowed all day long!! I received a call around 5am from Leanna's school reporting 'snow day'. We spent about an hour outdoors, the girls made snow angels, got crazy with a snow ball fight, made lil snowmen, even ate snow [yea, like a snowcone]. And, then rushed indoors for warmth and hot cocoa. It was just perfect, and I was happy spending every single second with them. It was special for me. I grew up in Texas, snow was never apart of our crazy [unpredictable] weather conditions. So, I'm just amazed when I see it, and I just stare outdoors watching it.

Spinning 26 miles set my heart on fire, on fire for peace & comfort, for the families affected. Motherhood is the best [amazing] experience in my life, an ever-growing one. I'll always be a mother to my 3 precious girls, always. And, I'm thankful for that;

{the view from here}

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Today {Monday 12•17} is National Blogging Day of Remembrance.

Joining countless bloggers worldwide in a day of respectful silence.

Weekend Wrap-up!

I spent every.single.second of this weekend with my girls!

No running. No workouts.

*I can't say much about the tragic events, my poor heart aches at the thought*

As I mentioned on Fridays post, I completed the {FunD Run Fir Bling} Virtual Winter Wonderland Half-Marathon; 5 runs for 13.37 miles.

I earned the fabulous medal and it's displayed on the Christmas tree with the rest of 2012 bling. Whoop! Whoop!

I plan to do the {FunD Run for Bling} Virtual Winter Wonderland 5k on Friday, to celebrate the first day of winter. Then, the Santa Hustle Half-Marathon on Sunday, in Texas. Ohhh, can't wait!!

{Merry Christmas}
Today, we celebrated our [early] Christmas!! Molly the elf, surprised the girls with a note!! We even got a call from our special man!! We lounged, played and enjoyed the day. I didn't let this lingering headache ruin my fun. We even welcomed SNOW, Leanna's ultimate Washington wish was full-filled!! Snow on Christmas Day!! My girl was over the moon with excitement!! So, was I!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Half Marathon Finisher!

Whoop! Whoop!!

I got busy this morning and busted out Les Mills Combat Kickstart; 30 minutes of Sweat!! Had me pumped for my run!

Mama completed the Virtual Half-Marathon; 5 Runs; 13.37 Miles!!!

I'm actually still waiting on the medal but what's more important, is that I went running!!

I had to fight a headache and some minor foot pain on the treadmill today. I eased off with walking intervals and hit a max of 8.0 speed for a bit. It was exhilarating!! Major sweatfest!! I got it done!!

It's naptime here for baby girls and I just unloaded the rest of their gifts from the car into garage. Toy Wrapping Party tonight!! Santa is making an EARLY stop this weekend! Since, we are flying out to TX next weekend. Yayyyy!!!


Here's a little inspiration for the weekend....

Make it happen y'all!!

Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday y'all

1. Early mornings w/ Coffee & a movie or DVR'd show is my morning ritual.

2. I have my spin bike sitting in my living room.

3. Spoonfuls of peanut butter are this mamas best friend, when on the go.

4. Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars.

5. I totally picked up the seattle grunge look, without hesitation. Hah!

6. My goals as a navy wife: support my sailor, spread positivity and explore the world.

7. Washington is ridiculously amazing. It looks good on me, I love it!!

8. I'm a DIY, painting, sewing, mod podging, hot gluing,....creatively crafty gal. I have a neglected blog too. Hah

9. People are often surprised by my age, 28, and that I have 3 kids. They think I'm younger. What a compliment.

10. I love my flexing my biceps! Stubborn triceps need to get with it!

{the view from here}

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beachbody business

Mama got another fabulous program to start in 2013!!

I've been a fan of les mills since te beginning of this year when I started les mills pump. 13 weeks with a bar and their awesome rep affect. 2 rounds!

Now, they released another awesome program. Which i pre-ordered back in October. LES MILL COMBAT.

Whoop! Whoop!!

Winter Half Miles


Got to the gym and squeezed in a quick 5k. And, I do mean quick. I haven't been under 35 minutes in a while. I did have to stop a few times to spit, sore throat business. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Gross, I know!!
When I jumped back on, Went into full force!! I stayed between speed 6.3-7.3.
Not bad at all. Now, let the craziness begin!!

Finished strong; 5k in 34:35!!
One more 5k to complete for the {FunD Run 4 Bling} Virtual Winter Half Marathon!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 for 12•12•12

12 Randoms for 12•12•12!!

1. Thongs are sometimes annoying.

2. I run with mis-match socks.

3. I run in Asics, favorite brand.

4. I only run in particular tight/capris.

5. Hairspray is another accessory while working out/running.

6. Contacts while running. Glasses are no fun. It's happened though.

7. Chapstick, military ID, phone in spibelt, during runs.

8. My garage has become my in home gym. It's fabulous and still adding more.

9. I've already started my {diy} 2013 bling board & race bib rack.

10. Braids are a girls best friend during workouts and running.

11. I drink green tea while catching up on the fitness/running blogs I follow.

12. I'd rather earn an awesome shirt than bling.

happy 12•12•12!!

It's a significant date. Not the end of the world. It's the last time we will have digits repeat. Get after something!

And, it's a date where I woke up and decided against a {12k double jogger} RUN because my foot was still feeling achy. And, I definitely wasn't going to get on the treadmill. And, I know exactly why. Better to be safe than sorry. Along with allergies kicking my but and sore throat. Ugh.

In 2012, I learned to {really} listen to my body. Don't get me wrong I pushed through some pain, at times. And, sometimes, I got away with it, other times I wasn't so lucky. That's alright, there were more rest days to recover. I'm Thankful I did not need surgery!!

I also recently took a new direction from my planned out fitness calendar. I stopped Turbofire, at week 5, this week. Since, I missed a few days in week 4. It's a fabulous beachbody program! I sat and thought hard. And, felt happy at the thought of just going home and having a "vacation" with running and {basic} strength training. A vacation, where I could sleep in {yeah, right! a mama can daydream}, and run 'whenever' in those 16 days. Like, the half-marathon along the Galveston sea wall, the morning after I arrive. I have a new start day for Turbofire in 2013...and I'm totally happy with my decision!

Spinned 12.12 miles in 39:42!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get busy on 12•12•12!!

I'm participating over at Run with Jess for 12•12•12 Challenge!

I originally planned spinning 12 miles.

Then....decided to give myself a bigger challenge with an double jogger outdoor run!! Lets see how my foot feels in the morning, it's been bothersome for the last few goes. Boo!! I'll still get busaaayyyy either way.

Get busy y'all!!

Winter Half Miles

It was a busaayyy morning.

And, this mama managed to squeeze in miles after both girls were off to school. And, quickly ran home for a quick shower before meeting up with the Frg ladies for some party favor prep. We have a fabulous halfway party next month!!

Finished strong; 2 miles n 21:47

It's naptime for my baby girls, time for me to cuddle up with a cup of yummmaayyyyy peppermint green tea. It's a perfect Washington day; grey skies and rain.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Here's what. Virtual Runs!


It was a busy weekend, work was busy too. Running didn't happen this weekend either. No biggie.

I did however receive my medal for the 10k I ran last week, Frosty's great cupcake run. {super fabulous} And, the sweet cupcake race, is in the works, for February!! I'm ready to earn another {fabulous} medal from those gals.

In all things running related; I signed up for another surprise virtual race, over at FUNd Run 4 Bling. And, she also created Kids Fun Run, my girls are registered for that race, matching bling, since I'm up for a 10-miler!! She does an awesome job, and also creating fun medals and themed races. Another virtual [January] run to add to the....hmmmm...maybe 6 virtual races already on schedule!! So, currently 3 half marathons for my {13 in 2013}, just in January alone!! Whoop! Whoop!

I told y'all I was {Running into 2013}!!!

{FUNd Run 4 Bling; Winter Half-Marathon Miles}

Mama jumped into her running gear, laced up my Asics, loaded baby girls in double jogger and headed out for a trail run!! It's been a while since we hit the trail. And, it was a perfect Washington morning; mist and overcast.

Finished strong; 2 miles in 30:42!!
It burned, it felt great!!

Motivational Monday

make it happen y'all
get bussayyyyyy

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

Wheww. It was a bussaaayyyyy day for this mama. It's 11pm and I've got a night owl hanging out with me.

1. I'm a fabulous lover for all things crafty.

2. I recently decided to trade my PC desk space for a sewing spot. best. decision. ever.

3. I've got a major surprises for 2013 under my sleeve.

4. I enjoy pizza, a lot, anytime of the day.

5. My hips don't lie.

6. I've been on the fence for a treadmill for over a year. Still Undecided.

7. I absolutely love the great outdoors.

8. Mascara and concealer are daily must haves for this mama.

9. I rather slip into my workout gear instead of regular clothes.

10. I go straight to the point. No huge story/explanation needed. ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frosty's Great Cupcake 10k

Can I get a wha-wha!?!?

Mama got another outdoor SOLO run (AWESOME)!!! There was SUNSHINE in the Pacific Northwest and I took full advantage!! It was slightly cool, I wore my color run top for comfort.

I ran a familiar route with hills involved! Ouch!! I ran the entire time except for a walking interval at the 3 mile mark! And, the few times I stopped to wait at the crosswalks. I was that runner, not so patiently waiting, a little annoyed. Haha. You've been there, right?

I haven't received my medal yet but I was happy to tackle these miles off the treadmill and in the great outdoors!

Finished strong; 6.12 miles in 1:12:38!

Run into 2013

Jump into your running gear, lace up those shoes and get your run on!

I'm SO exited to get some SOLO miles while in TX. That's why I got myself a full list of races to start off 2013!!

If you're looking for virtual races here's a few I'm registered to:

#anywhere5k Resolve to Run

I registered for the 5k and half-marathon
Ready to Run for a good cause 
the swag is pretty fabulous too
First 2 medals for 2013

I mentioned in a previous post about my challenge for 13 half-marathons in 2013
Here's more fun to the challenge; you can register for 13 races in 2013
Whatever distance you want; challenge yourself

Another fabulous challenge I'm registered for is the 5 by the 5th Virtual Race Series!
Run a 5k or 5 miles by the 5th of each month through June.

Go read all about it and register!

So, there you have it. There's a little push/options to get running in 2013!! I'm pumped! Running has been a HUGE factor in keeping me sane during this deployment!! And, I'm sure I'll continue to keep busy making those runs on/off road!

Have you added....

...your Thirteen in 2013 button to your blog yet!?! I know you're registered right??!!

I added the button last night and feel even more official now!! I've got my first half-marathon lined up and a route mapped!! I'm READY for my New Years Day RUN!!

Oh, have you started logging in miles towards the Winter 100 Challenge?! Remember, you can walk for these miles too! I added last nights 5k!! I've still got runners high from it!! I think I'll be sneaking in Frosty's Great Cupcake Race 10k today. YayyyUh!!!

It's a REST DAY on the Turbofire Schedule. This mama is getting her YOGA on!! My body needs a good stretch. Do you yoga?

ooooo, I received an email notification that my latest BeachBody program, LES MILLS COMBAT, is on it's way!!! Another fabulous program to add, I'm CRAZY EXCITED!!

alrightttt, enough rambling...lets get this party started!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Miles

This mama FINALLY got an outdoor [SOLO] run!! It's been roughly 3 1/2 months since I had one. Crazy, right!?
my last SOLO RUN, was right before husband left for deployment!

My friend was so generous in continuing to watch my girls, once I got home from a 5hr shift. I was SO excited!!

I slipped into my running tights, pulled out a long-sleeve top, put on my favorite mis-match socks, buckled my spibelt, put on my earphones and laced up my Asics!

Mama was ready to RUN!!

It was already dark out with light rain, I carried my night light in my hand while running along my favorite 5k course.

BAM! Felt amazing!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello, December!

Agh! It started off to a busy month already!

And, I'm hitting the one year anniversary for my blog. In celebration, I'm doing a little disconnecting, per say. I'll still post but not daily. There's A LOT going on, including a trip to TEXAS for 16 days! Wheww!

You can follow me on instagram: rosannarox. I often post my daily happenings; elfings, runs, food, and other randomness.

Update on November challenge: longest plank 1:56! There's some definition in my arms from push ups and tricep dips. Yayyuhhh!!

Here's a quick view of Decembers fitness plan. Make it happen y'all! Get ir done.