From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Friday, August 16, 2013


{Long Pause}..I've been moving forward going backwards, where I used to be.
Does that make sense?

a fitness journey will be never-ending, it's a lifestyle. 

FLASHBACK! I reached a BIG GOAL in February 2012, I weighed in right after Serena's FIRST Birthday at 147 lbs. 147 lbs y'all!!! I hadn't seen that number in years, since before getting married!!! It was a big deal, I was pretty dang proud, I busted my ass juggling a workout routine (my first round of Les Mills Pump & Running), with those 3 pretty little monsters, adjusting to our new home state, while he was on deployment. I.DID.IT!!

FAST-FORWARD! February 2013...a homecoming and into another deployment...ehh, let's just say 147lbs was no where in site. I pretty much gave up the scale in 2013. And, tried to start Les Mills Combat twice and failed at Turbofire after 4 weeks. I steadily began gaining [more] weight with the help of no Beachbody Routine, Fast-Food Eating & Drinking Rita's/Sangria. Yep, all that shit adds up! And, uhmmm,'s not fun! So, I fell down and then got up, fell down again and my ass isn't going back down. I learned my lesson, I had time to beat myself up (a few times), I still do, but I'm moving forward. Ain't nobody gonna hold me down, uh-oh, I've got to keep on

MAY! Another homecoming, a few half marathons, and I decided to get my ass back in gear!! I started the Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid and tried my hardest to stick to it!! I did have days where I fell off, got back up, and went in harder! Another routine I started was half-marathon training, an 8 week crash course. And, those 2 routines combined with a few other challenges along the way, got me closer to where I was!!

CHALLENGE! I'm not one who lives on the scale, I feel it, I see it. And, I've seen the progress happen. Towards the end of June, I said, goodbye to energy drinks (redbull, monster, rockstar) and coffee. I needed to challenge myself and it was tough!! I felt LESS bloated, I look less bloated. I learned new ways to energize my body. I learned that waking up at 4am to get my training runs done, was perfect for my schedule, it gave me energy and a much better mood for the day! It was also what I needed, I needed time all to myself, and I needed some peace in my heart. July was a pretty hard month, my dad's birthday month. I was running religiously, so I can find the time, to just be.

RESULTS! At the end of 12 weeks, I weighed in back to the 160s! I, obviously, do want to reach a healthy weight and ultimately want to see slimmer legs, arms, sculpted legs, arms. I want to see sculpted muscles, they want to be scene!! I'm still learning to fuel my body the right way, I'm still learning to eat healthier, and drink more water (So much toilet paper). I'm still learning and I'm embracing every ounce of progress along the way!!

There's no pill, no shake, no wrap, none of that sh*t, it's all about dedication, SWEAT, working your ass off, and making it happen. There are NO EXCUSES when you want it, you get after it! 

So, stop complaining, and stop talking about it it. Just go out there and do it!! Start a routine, (hey, get with Beachbody. Ask me!), strap your boobs into a supportive bra, lace up those walking/running shoes, PUSH PLAY/GET BUSY at home or walk/drive yourself to the gym!! just.keep.going.

Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid
12 weeks {May-Aug 2013}

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"