From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Friday, August 16, 2013


{Long Pause}..I've been moving forward going backwards, where I used to be.
Does that make sense?

a fitness journey will be never-ending, it's a lifestyle. 

FLASHBACK! I reached a BIG GOAL in February 2012, I weighed in right after Serena's FIRST Birthday at 147 lbs. 147 lbs y'all!!! I hadn't seen that number in years, since before getting married!!! It was a big deal, I was pretty dang proud, I busted my ass juggling a workout routine (my first round of Les Mills Pump & Running), with those 3 pretty little monsters, adjusting to our new home state, while he was on deployment. I.DID.IT!!

FAST-FORWARD! February 2013...a homecoming and into another deployment...ehh, let's just say 147lbs was no where in site. I pretty much gave up the scale in 2013. And, tried to start Les Mills Combat twice and failed at Turbofire after 4 weeks. I steadily began gaining [more] weight with the help of no Beachbody Routine, Fast-Food Eating & Drinking Rita's/Sangria. Yep, all that shit adds up! And, uhmmm,'s not fun! So, I fell down and then got up, fell down again and my ass isn't going back down. I learned my lesson, I had time to beat myself up (a few times), I still do, but I'm moving forward. Ain't nobody gonna hold me down, uh-oh, I've got to keep on

MAY! Another homecoming, a few half marathons, and I decided to get my ass back in gear!! I started the Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid and tried my hardest to stick to it!! I did have days where I fell off, got back up, and went in harder! Another routine I started was half-marathon training, an 8 week crash course. And, those 2 routines combined with a few other challenges along the way, got me closer to where I was!!

CHALLENGE! I'm not one who lives on the scale, I feel it, I see it. And, I've seen the progress happen. Towards the end of June, I said, goodbye to energy drinks (redbull, monster, rockstar) and coffee. I needed to challenge myself and it was tough!! I felt LESS bloated, I look less bloated. I learned new ways to energize my body. I learned that waking up at 4am to get my training runs done, was perfect for my schedule, it gave me energy and a much better mood for the day! It was also what I needed, I needed time all to myself, and I needed some peace in my heart. July was a pretty hard month, my dad's birthday month. I was running religiously, so I can find the time, to just be.

RESULTS! At the end of 12 weeks, I weighed in back to the 160s! I, obviously, do want to reach a healthy weight and ultimately want to see slimmer legs, arms, sculpted legs, arms. I want to see sculpted muscles, they want to be scene!! I'm still learning to fuel my body the right way, I'm still learning to eat healthier, and drink more water (So much toilet paper). I'm still learning and I'm embracing every ounce of progress along the way!!

There's no pill, no shake, no wrap, none of that sh*t, it's all about dedication, SWEAT, working your ass off, and making it happen. There are NO EXCUSES when you want it, you get after it! 

So, stop complaining, and stop talking about it it. Just go out there and do it!! Start a routine, (hey, get with Beachbody. Ask me!), strap your boobs into a supportive bra, lace up those walking/running shoes, PUSH PLAY/GET BUSY at home or walk/drive yourself to the gym!! just.keep.going.

Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid
12 weeks {May-Aug 2013}

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Monday, July 29, 2013

Motivational Monday!

It's a new week. It's a new start. It's time to get busy on y'alls fitness goals!!

Tell me what you want, what you really, really, really want? Is it a slimmer waist? Leaner arms? Strong legs? Do you want to run? Lift?
Just get busy with whatever it is,...YOU ARE YOUR ONLY EXCUSE!! And, don't let a little sweat, soreness, or heavy-breathing stop you. Take a minute to recovery and just.keep.going. You will enjoy that adrenaline rush after it's done. buhh-lieveee me.

I got a rough 8 miler done last night, night. I know. I mentioned I was on the oh, so early [wake up at 4am & go] running routine but I had some heavy legs when I woke up. SO, I gave them more rest time before I got out there with my long run. It's the last week of the 8 Week Crash Half Plan, this was an awesome schedule. It kept me at low [3-4] miles during the week, I'm probably going to continue to run with it. It's taper week, can't wait to get out there for the Tacoma Narrow Half {13 in 2013}, number 5 for my road races this year. And, crossing over the Narrows bridge will be AMAZING!! It's one thing I can cross off my runners bucket list!! I'm still on the fence for the Port Gamble Half, just depends if we are out of town for the night.

 And, I'm on WEEK 11 of the Les Mills Hybrid. And, boy are they giving me the tough [longer] workouts in the final 2 weeks. I even added Jillian Michaels Shred-It with Weights [Kettle bell Routine] this morning. I definitely felt the burn. I won't see drastic results from this round but it did kick my ass into gear. Like any Beachbody program, you have to include healthy eating or their meal plans. I failed in that area, and I'm okay with that. {keeping it real} I'm staying focused with my original workout schedules and ending the year with a BAM!! For a good minute, I wanted to jump on the Focus T25 hype-wagon but decided to stay with my Turbofire/Les Mills Pump Hybrid. I've had Turbofire since last year and it's time I get busy with it. Also, adding 20lb plates to my collection for a bigger challenge during Les Mills Pump's REP EFFECT! Y'all want to learn more about BeachBody Programs, check out my site: Rosanna BeachBody Coach

I've been a busy pinner for the last couple of days; creating new boards, and pinning like it's my day job. I've got lots of good resources, ideas and tips to turn to. Anyone else a pinner crazy? Share your boards with me. I'm sure I'll re-pin from y'all!!

We're half-way through summer and I FINALLY got some events created for the MRTT Kids Fit Club!! SO, if you're reading this and are local, join in!! We have to take advantage of that sunshine while we still got it. Plus, we need to keep this kiddos active while having fun!!

Enough chit-chat, I have to go clear the disastrous office/craft area! And, remove all these floating toys out of my living room. Let Mama's cleaning frenzy begin.

Have a Fit & Fabulous Day Y'all!! Go get ir done.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

hey, girl, heyyyyy...

hi. hello. hola. hey. yo. 'sup. how you doin'.

it's been a while. a long while. nearly 4 months since I posted. Whoa!

where have I been? drinking pitchers of margaritas, eating fast food, making my girls top priority, welcoming husband back home from an 8 month deployment, getting back on my game! It gets crazy around here. And, it's shown on my waistline, err, thighs, arms...errrr'where!!

okay, enough pouting! I've been busy, busy enjoying life, focusing on our complete family, enjoying the view... ... ....

 I've continued running (duh), picked up an 8 week training plan, still going strong on 12 weeks of Les Mills Hybrid {les mills pump & les mills combat} to keep my ass moving. I'm on Week 10 of that program; Whew!! I've ran 2-3 half marathons since my last post. For the last couple of weeks, I've been pushing myself out of bed at 4AM, yep, 4.frigging.AM, to go RUN, to get those training miles in. Why so early? Well, husband heads off to work around 5:45-6. So, if I want a stress-free run (errr, not rushing to get dinner done, exhausted from the day,...), I figured, the earlier the better. It works, I'm out the door by 4:30ish and log in between 3-5 miles. Long Runs are for the weekends, and I'm still up EARLY to get it done before coming home to an awake house. Oh, I just recently (this past weekend) got a RAGNAR under my belt. It was AWESOME!! I joined 3 other MRTT ladies, for an adventure up North. I saw the CANADA Border Entrance!! I was runner #2 in Van #1, ran roughly 16 miles, picking up 2.40 miles from injured runner #3. I'm looking forward to MORE. Yep, relays are another level of running awesomeness!!

 I'd flood you with photo's but uhmm, I'm still trying to figure out what to share in the post. Just a catch up, I suppose. If your on FB, dailymile, IG (rosannarox), you'll notice my flood of FITNESS posts, runs, beachbody posts, my fitness pal,,,....and so on!! Told y'all I'm back on it. IT.IS.TOUGH, when you stop nursing (killer calorie burner//my secret tool) and gain weight. I didn't care at first, I should of. I should of stayed away from rita's and wendy's too. Hah! I gained pretty much every single pound I had lost post-pregnancy. Now, Serena is pushing 2 1/2, and I'm here busting my ass to lose that weight. GREAT! whatever, live, love & learn!

Have a fabulous day y'all!!

 "Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tunesday hey!

Sundays 7 miler had M.I.A. On play. She kept me hype, kept me going, kept me jammin!

I've been a fan for years, I actually remember buying her album at a music store in Hawaii, while pregnant. I always blast music loud while driving, still do. So, blasting it on during a {long} run was just what I needed! BOOM!

bucky done gun

Outdoor run/walk: 3.95 miles!
Baby girl kicked out halfway through, we had glorious Washington weather.

#flexbreak after today's les mills combat HIIT POWER! whewww, got my ass kicked, literally! I love it!!

make it happen y'all!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh! Hey April,...

Hey. Hi. Hola. What's up. Good morning y'all!

Happy April: a NEW month, a SHORTER countdown to seeing our sailor!! It's getting real, with each passing day!! We are SO excited. And, Heyyyy,....I get my solo [worry-free] running time back!! WhooHoo!!

It's been a bit since I came on here, worries I've still been doing my thing. So. What's been going on,....

I shared this 'little' transformation {circa 2007-now}, it was also a 'little' boost for my slowly moving self. And, it definitely did the job!! Somedays, I still feel like that girl in 2007 (post baby #1), especially lately. With a weight gain, and no major rush to lose the lbs, so I keep saying. I don't focus on it too much and instead remind myself that I want to "go hard" post deployment, where I can juggle myself and not everything else too, doesn't mean I'm sitting around now. I lost my focus along the way, hell, I'm just TIRED!! I go through my moments, ultimately, I'm happy in my skin, confident with the extra weight. I'm just proud I'm not who I used to be, even with an extra 15lbs or so hanging around. That's more important to me than a number on the scale. My journey, My accomplishments, Myself. It's never-ending, I don't plan to reach a particular weight or size and stop. I'll keep running, lifting; fitness is apart of my lifestyle.

The Jelly Bean: I earned a fabulous medal for Run with Jess' virtual race, the jelly bean. Just a 'little' 5k on the treadmill. Hah. It's never 'easy' running on the treadmill. Lately, I've been sneaking in my runs during naptime. More manageable in my schedule, especially during spring break. I needed my time, my escape, taking back a little sanity. It's definitely rewarding!

5 by the 5th: A new month also meant completing this on going virtual race, hosted by Mommy, Run Fast. Which turned into the longest treadmill run, I pulled a Forrest Gump, just kept running up to 6 miles. whoa!! It was such an adrenaline rush. I gave myself some walking/hill intervals. Booty bouncing, legs flying, heart racing, sweat pouring; fabulous run!! It's pretty awesome to walk into the garage and into my own 'little' gym, my 'little' space, my 'little' escape. I miss the outdoors, hoping to get reacquainted this coming week! The pavement, the trails, the view, I want it all.

I ran, ran, ran all the last week. 1:1 ratio, every other day. And, my legs were loving it!! Seriously! I kept over thinking my stride, and pain, there was no pain! My knee got a wee bit tired during the long runs, soo, I'd ease off with walking intervals. I got 20 {amazing} miles this week, it was more about the miles though! It was about getting my booty back in gear, pushing through spring break and giving myself some "me" time! Successful!! Sundays run, was challenging, I wanted a LONG run, and kept focused!! 7 milesssssss, whooooo!! I've learned to loveeee the treadmill, I added some personal touches on the wall in front, my 'little' motivations.
It was tough, tough!! I'm on a mission to getting my legs readddyyyyyyy for the upcoming half on May 5th. In the meantime, I have a virtual {cherry blossom} half coming this weekend and then another #anywhere5k {run for rhodes} race. That's just 3 days of logging miles. Other than that, I'm just 'on the run'!!

MAY will bring just a few virtuals; 2nd year participating in the joggermom marathon, sparkle cupcake 10k race, #anywhere5k, and 2 {in real life} half marathons!!!

I've also got something awesome to share, SO excited!! Y'all keep on be lookout!!

Happy Monday!
make it happy y'all!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tunesday! {rest day crafting}

impromptu rest day. Okay!
Spent the morning w/just my baby girl.
No running. No cleaning.
We cuddled. We crafted.
We danced. We chatted a lot.
We just hung out.

We bought these spice racks a few weeks ago from ikea (a Pinterest project on my list) and decided to assemble them before picking up Ailea from school. She was helpful, kept saying, "I do it, mama." And, so she did. During naptime, I got busy painting them.

And, after naptime, we set them up in their new spots. Ailea was so excited! Serena got her own too, just at her level and she picked the spot. I snuck one into my bathroom as a space saver for those hair products [other randoms]. Hello, counter, we meet again. Leanna said it was awesome when she came home from school. Super easy cute project.

During my Sunday Run, this bad boy came on play, oh so dirty but pushed me to go stronger. Hah! Here's a throwback! Oh, to be a youngbuck in the club,...early 2000's. whoa!