From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tunesday hey!

Sundays 7 miler had M.I.A. On play. She kept me hype, kept me going, kept me jammin!

I've been a fan for years, I actually remember buying her album at a music store in Hawaii, while pregnant. I always blast music loud while driving, still do. So, blasting it on during a {long} run was just what I needed! BOOM!

bucky done gun

Outdoor run/walk: 3.95 miles!
Baby girl kicked out halfway through, we had glorious Washington weather.

#flexbreak after today's les mills combat HIIT POWER! whewww, got my ass kicked, literally! I love it!!

make it happen y'all!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh! Hey April,...

Hey. Hi. Hola. What's up. Good morning y'all!

Happy April: a NEW month, a SHORTER countdown to seeing our sailor!! It's getting real, with each passing day!! We are SO excited. And, Heyyyy,....I get my solo [worry-free] running time back!! WhooHoo!!

It's been a bit since I came on here, worries I've still been doing my thing. So. What's been going on,....

I shared this 'little' transformation {circa 2007-now}, it was also a 'little' boost for my slowly moving self. And, it definitely did the job!! Somedays, I still feel like that girl in 2007 (post baby #1), especially lately. With a weight gain, and no major rush to lose the lbs, so I keep saying. I don't focus on it too much and instead remind myself that I want to "go hard" post deployment, where I can juggle myself and not everything else too, doesn't mean I'm sitting around now. I lost my focus along the way, hell, I'm just TIRED!! I go through my moments, ultimately, I'm happy in my skin, confident with the extra weight. I'm just proud I'm not who I used to be, even with an extra 15lbs or so hanging around. That's more important to me than a number on the scale. My journey, My accomplishments, Myself. It's never-ending, I don't plan to reach a particular weight or size and stop. I'll keep running, lifting; fitness is apart of my lifestyle.

The Jelly Bean: I earned a fabulous medal for Run with Jess' virtual race, the jelly bean. Just a 'little' 5k on the treadmill. Hah. It's never 'easy' running on the treadmill. Lately, I've been sneaking in my runs during naptime. More manageable in my schedule, especially during spring break. I needed my time, my escape, taking back a little sanity. It's definitely rewarding!

5 by the 5th: A new month also meant completing this on going virtual race, hosted by Mommy, Run Fast. Which turned into the longest treadmill run, I pulled a Forrest Gump, just kept running up to 6 miles. whoa!! It was such an adrenaline rush. I gave myself some walking/hill intervals. Booty bouncing, legs flying, heart racing, sweat pouring; fabulous run!! It's pretty awesome to walk into the garage and into my own 'little' gym, my 'little' space, my 'little' escape. I miss the outdoors, hoping to get reacquainted this coming week! The pavement, the trails, the view, I want it all.

I ran, ran, ran all the last week. 1:1 ratio, every other day. And, my legs were loving it!! Seriously! I kept over thinking my stride, and pain, there was no pain! My knee got a wee bit tired during the long runs, soo, I'd ease off with walking intervals. I got 20 {amazing} miles this week, it was more about the miles though! It was about getting my booty back in gear, pushing through spring break and giving myself some "me" time! Successful!! Sundays run, was challenging, I wanted a LONG run, and kept focused!! 7 milesssssss, whooooo!! I've learned to loveeee the treadmill, I added some personal touches on the wall in front, my 'little' motivations.
It was tough, tough!! I'm on a mission to getting my legs readddyyyyyyy for the upcoming half on May 5th. In the meantime, I have a virtual {cherry blossom} half coming this weekend and then another #anywhere5k {run for rhodes} race. That's just 3 days of logging miles. Other than that, I'm just 'on the run'!!

MAY will bring just a few virtuals; 2nd year participating in the joggermom marathon, sparkle cupcake 10k race, #anywhere5k, and 2 {in real life} half marathons!!!

I've also got something awesome to share, SO excited!! Y'all keep on be lookout!!

Happy Monday!
make it happy y'all!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"