From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Barking Mad for Breast Cancer {13in2013}

{virtual} Half Marathon #5 is in the books y'all!

It didn't quite go as I had planned, I wanted to run it at one time. ahh well. There's always next time, like April's Virtual.

I dedicated this weeks running miles to a good cause that's dear to my heart. Barking Mad about Running hosted this virtual race.

Monday; jumped on the treadmill, it was by far challenging, and the longest I've ran on it since it joined the family. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself. Especially, since I had ran 6 miles the day before. I ran for an entire hour, and had a lot of things on my mind. I've made a lot of changes recently and have been defeated in a few things. It was the perfect opportunity for a major switch up, in all things fitness. I'm excited.
Finished Strong; 4.45 miles in 60 minutes

Wednesday; after a wonderful rest day, morning meetup at Joann's to pick out fabric for an upcoming {wreath project} craft play date! I set out Wednesday for a LONG [outdoor] RUN! I dropped off my girls at a friends house, about 20 minutes late and tried to make the best of the clock! I ran the usual routes but in the opposite way. HILLS, still got me but i was tackling them!! There was sunshine, just perfect!! I covered it all, pavement, trails, mud,....evergreen trees all around. I love Washington state!

Finished Strong; 7.06 miles in 1:28:05

Thursday; today was definitely a fabulous fitness-filled day! Started off with stroller strides, wheww!! Then, I got busy during naptime, jumping on the treadmill. I was a little sore from SS and yesterday's 7 miler, so I went comfortable. I have myself a few speed intervals, Britney's spears and cheered me on.

Finished Strong; 2.01 miles in 27:03

I earned myself a fabulous medal to hang with the 2013 bling.

{Half Fanatics}
I'm eager and excited to run my first 2013 [Half-Marathon] road race next weekend (3/9) and then another the following (3/16) that's right, becoming an official half fanatics member!! MAJOR RUNNERS HIGH! The bling is SUPER FABULOUS but I'm more excited about the course, the views will be AMAZING/UNFORGETTABLE!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Make it happen!

Happy Monday!!

Get to moving; Get to lifting; Get to squatting; Get to beachbodyn' it; Get to running; get after it y'all!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

weekend wrap-up

what a fabulous weekend!

an impromptu zoo trip, first pho experience, treadmill 5k, and track 5k. Whoop! Whoop!

There was some awesome sunshine on Saturday, and after lounging the morning away. I packed a backpack and loaded the kids for a drive to the Seattle area, I wanted to surprise them with a fun afternoon, unsure of what exactly where I was going. We ended up at the zoo and spent 2 hours exploring, soaking up the sunshine and saying "hi" to animals.

{The Sweet Cupcake Race 10k}
Sunday rolled in early, I was up and serious about finishing the last few miles. I logged in 4 on Tuesday {2 with baby girl outdoors and 2 on the treadmill}. I received my medal last week and proudly hung it with today's treadmill run. It was a little rough, I'll admit it. My treadmill is set up next to the window and the heater was still on; aghhh!! It took a bit for the heater to shut off, so it felt like I was running in a sauna. I pushed through several hard moments. I slowed down, I sped up, ran hard. My knee didn't bother me much. Whewww.

Finished strong; 3.11 miles in 36:44!

{#anywhere5k team challenge}
Another #anywhere5k run complete! I started participating in these run events back in September and I'm happy to see other friends joining in. This months theme was "team challenge". Another mama and I teamed up, we me up at the track, each of us have 3 kiddos, 6 and under. We had or youngest babies in their single joggers and the older ones joined us with some walking/running on the track, wondering off to explore nearby.
We did running intervals, and chatted, there was some light rainfall, wind and it was COLD! We made stops along our rounds, it was nearing lunch and naptime, so my younger 2 were a tad bit cranky. Why didn't I bring my double jogger instead and forgot the snacks in the car. Aghh!! Nonetheless, I managed the tantrums, crying, whining, and got it done!

Finished strong; 3.11 miles in 1:13:19

What's next?
Logging in miles for the latest virtual half marathon, #5 for 13in2013!! Starting week 5 of les mills combat, stroller strides, and saying bye to February!! Woohoo!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

hey thereeee!

Uhmm, still mending a bum knee. I knew it was stressed during the last stretch of the 25k, those forest trails are insane{ly awesome}. I took time off from the les mills combat and have been cross training with weights instead. I've got 2 virtual races underway to complete; 10k and my 5th half-marathon.

We ventured back into the world of single joggers, adding a fabulous {orange} sister to the collection. Baby girl enjoyed the view during Tuesday's walk/run at a new {now favorite} spot. I'm continuously amazed with the beauty Washington state offers and am always thankful for new adventures/exploring!! The weather was perfect, with peek-a-boo sunshine, cold and a awesome view of the snow-covered mountains. {follow me on instragram to see some views: rosannarox}

another addition (that I debated for over a year on): the treadmill. Y'all know I enjoy {love} outdoor runs and sometimes life gets a little crazy with 3 kids in tow, husband in deployment, household duties and so on, even when 2 are off two school. So, I decided to 'just do it' and joined the club. I also, decided to add it to my office nook, not in the garage, like I originally planned. It's not an eye sore, it's actually sitting pretty, near the spin bike.

I haven't been up to date on my daily blog posts, I've been keeping {focus} on life outside this 'networking craziness'. Baby girl has a daily growing vocabulary, conversation that silly amaze me; I'm one proud mama! To hear her say, "go runnin'",...I just about cried. To hear her say, "goooo, mama, goooooooo". To hear her say, "fast, goooooooo!" Y'all get the point, I've been enjoying time with my girlies, times flying by and SOON, we will have our man back from this forever long deployment.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous fitness-filled day/week!
Make it happen.

Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend wrap-up

It was a crazzyyyy awesome weekend!!

How crazy awesome!?
This girl got herself a 5k PR and 25k under her runners belt!!
And, a sweet something from her man too!!

Sweetheart 5k; 32:08
I'm not going to lie, I was nervous! It's been a while since I ran a base race, last years, st. patty's run. Nonetheless, I was excited to slip into my running gear and lace up the running shoes. I noticed they had a new route mapped out, agh!! Race started, Running happened ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! That's right, I didn't stop once, no recovery, I eased off a few times, I continued to run uphill. Oh, yeahhhh, another addition to the route, MORE hills. I suppose, they were on my side, I took full advantage.
FINISHED STRONG; setting a new PR!!

After a little bit of recovery time, it was time to get dolled up!
From running shoes to fabulous heels. It was a sweet evening at ship wives valentines dinner. We got a amazing surprise, I LOVED the video shout out and love note from my man. Can we get the rest of this deployment done and over with!? C'mon!

Fishline 25k; 4:46:18
Actually, 16.62 miles!
This was a spontaneous decision, like, I signed up a few days before when another MRTT member mentioned it. I was instantly sold since it was literally down the street AND who doesn't want to get a 25k on the trails!?! Uhhhhmmmmm, what did we get ourselves into!? Trails!! Forest, Woods TRAILS!! I followed along on her 3:1 method, we ran longer in some instances. We hiked a lot of it, we had lots of random conversation, we pushed ourselves to keep going, we go lost twice. And, we laughed a iut it. It felt good, it felt awesome, it hurt. It was brutal, it was nothing like expected and then again, I totally loved it!! Those steep trails really got me, my poor knees. My aching calves too. Reaching the finish line never felt better, we were greeted with other finishers telling us how intense and crazy completing this trail run was. So glad, it just wasn't me thinking of it!! Uhmm, call me crazy but I'm totally looking forward to the rest of this race series. Trail running [in Washington] is an truly an AMAZING experience!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

tackle the miles {13in2013}

Half-Marathon #4 is in the books and it was rough!!

I broke this virtual race into 4 challenging runs, wheww!! When you're husband is on deployment, that's how things go. I {sometimes} feel kind of guilty putting my kids up with friends for virtual races. It's happened but not often. Anyways, I went from treadmill to outdoors and back to treadmill. Booyah!!

Friday's run, was challenging, my shins were a little annoyed. Maybe from the spin classes. I logged in 2 miles in 26:02 with some hills mixed in.

Saturday was rough, I had crabby kids in tow at the playroom and with the shins still bothered I gave myself some inclined walking intervals. I logged in 3.22 miles in 45:32. Ehhh.

Tuesdays, impromptu run in the rain was fabulous!! I doubled these miles with the 5 by the 5th virtual race. That rush from coming home soaked is awesome, I love it!! A friend joined in and we logged in 3.20 in 1:07:02

Today's last 5 miles. Whewww, I was a sweaty mess during the first mile. Yuck!! It didn't hurt but I was just soo over the treadmill. Ever feel like that? I wanted to get it over with, mixed in hills and speed. I logged in 5 miles in 1:05:00.

What's next?
Resting these legs from running for the next 2 days. I have a weekend of racing; my first outdoor races!!!

Sweetheart 5k and Fishline 25k trail run.Holy cow, a 25k!! I'm excited for some "me" time!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{5 by the 5th} #2/6

Here we are again, another fabulous virtual race complete!

February's {5 by the 5th} Virtual Race Series, hosted by Mommy Run Fast. January-June Challenge; Run a 5k or 5 miles by the 5th of each month.

I had another mama runner join me for the RAINY run, although we ended up at the gym. Hey, I logged in 1.66 miles in 9:02 while waiting for a treadmill but after an unhappy baby girl in playroom, we dared the light rainfall. Back outdoors we went. Awesome!! I took her through a familiar {favorite challenging} route of mine.

We started on the roadways, then the trail around the lakes,....and then I asked if she wanted more, more of a challenge. We hiked uphill, I pushed my double jogger, she had her single jogger. And, we came up on a back roadway, and started our running intervals! Boy, oh, boy, were my legs on FIRE!!! At this point, it was raining more, like we began can to get soaked. It's an awesome exhilarating feeling to run and I mean, run in the rain! Kiddos were content in the joggers and we got a fabulous workout in.

Finished strong; 3.20 miles in 1:07:13!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Helllooooo, February!

Ohhh weeee!!! It's a new month, a new start, a new challenge, a new attitude, a new.....y'all get the point.

Thursday nights SPIN class was (with a different instructor) slow and intense; still had me a sweaty hot mess!! I do mean, SWEATY!!! Other that the fabulous burn, I love that its lights out during class! And, again I learned new terminology and moves! She really had us working out the hamstrings and glutes! Several reps of climbs, flats, tunnels, core,......logged in 10.1 miles.

Fridays runch (lunch run) was a little tough; heavy legs got challenged with hill and speed intervals on the treadmill. I was on fire, SWEATIN' like crazy! I was soaked, talk about a crazyass challenge! Alicia Keys latest album was on play (she is phenomenal). Lately, I've been running, too a much more mellow playlist, and I am loving it.

Finished strong; 2 miles in 26:09!!
First 2 miles toward this months virtual half-marathon, apart of the 13in2013 series: Tackle the Miles (feb 1-8)!!

What's going on in February?
My littlest baby girl is turning 2 YEARS OLD (just a few days from today), time has flown by!!!! I'll cry. I've been soaking up every single second with her as a one year old!!

I'm looking forward to a 'not so busy' race schedule; Sweetheart 5k (first road race of the year, on base), and at least 4 more virtual races. Lots of spinnin', stroller stridin', squattin', juicin', green smoothin', core workin', liftin', combatin' and a few other AMAZING events!! February is going to be FABULOUS!!!!

Y'all have a fabulous fitness-filled weekend! Happy running; Happy sweating!