From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stroller Strides, Spin & Snickers!

happy {rest day} Wednesday!
Err, is my rest day routine!
Ohhhh, I need it too!

Let's take it back to Monday, really quick.
I got my butt kicked at stroller strides, Calli is an awesome instructor!! Like, seriously!! And, it was a perfect way to start the week. I hadn't been to a stroller strides class since 2008! When I had one kiddo, we went all summer long +, approximately 5 months and then I gradually stopped when I found out I was pregnant with baby girl #2. I loved it then and it helped me shed 15 lbs. Monday's class was challenging, especially after the weekend miles! We logged in 2.5 miles, with awesome stations! Whewwwwwww!!! I'm excited to add it into my always-growing fitness routine, even if its once or twice a week.

Tuesday, I finallyyyyyy jumped onto the saddle for a SPIN CLASS!!! Yessssss, it's been forever since I've been in a class setting and I was loving it!! I'm SO thankful for awesome friends. I learned new terms for routines I have done, I learned new moves for different areas, core work while spinning (whoa!). I was sweating buckets, seriously. The instructor was pretty awesome! I'm excited to add spin classes back into my routine. I logged in 12.1 [intense] miles. After class, I went into a crazy chocolate craving; snickers and I went in. It was the perfect combination; spin & snickers! Hehehe

les mills combat: Week 3!!
Wheww! Can I tell y'all, my biceps popped with round one of les mills pump! And, I absolutely LOVE seeing them with combat. I can't get enough of this fabulous program! It has it all: hot warriors, jabs, SQUATS, burpees, planks, kicks,...amazing combinations!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivational Monday

Make it happen y'all!

{this is a favorite, might have shared it before}

Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend wrap-up

What a Weekend!

Winter Runnerland Half-Marathon {MRTT virtual race}
As usual, things didn't go as [originally] planned.
no big deal. I was bummed that I didn't get to meetup with the fabulous ladies of our local moms run this town group.

I set out to the housing gym, to begin running miles for the Winter Runnerland Half-Marathon. With an extra toddler in tow, 4 kids, they did awesome keeping themselves entertained. After waiting (stretching) for an open treadmill, a main reason why i do want a home treadmill. I tackled some hill intervals, with some walking too. It wasn't too bad, I had Bruno Mars latest album on play {another obsession}. My hips were a little tight, since I had a 20 mile spin session the evening before. It helped to pick up the speed though. I run comfortably between the speed of 6.3-6.8, and go hard at 7.3-7.5. It's definitely challenging some days, I take it on. The burn is fabulous!

finished strong; 5 miles in 58:27!!!

I felt amazing!! Body was taking it pretty well too, my hips were stretched pretty well. Once back home, I started the lunch and naptime madness. Showered, cleaned, and did a load of dirty running gear. My friend was coming over to pick up her little dude. And, then stayed behind to watch my girls while I slipped back into running gear to {happily run} finish the remaining miles. Whoop! Whoop!!

I went in daring; tackling the major hills first on the trails! They are KILLER but the views are AMAZING!! Gloomy skies, some clouds, evergreen trees in every direction! First 3 miles were TOUGH!! Miles 4-5 were my recovery, nice, easy, comfortable, I was on the pavement at this point. I made a pit stop for a new pair of earphones and gu gel. And, finished off miles 6-7, on a familiar route. Oh, I missed my outdoor runs! A lot!

finished strong; 8.13 miles in 1:43:43!!

I earned that fabulous bling with sweat, and sweet determination! Woohoo!!
{This is also #3 for 13in2013!!}

Run Fur Fun {#anywhere5k}
They don't call me super {runner} mama for nothing! I was back at it, another fabulous 5k from #anywhere5k. This time we took Bonita out for the run, add in double jogger; we got ourselves an adventure! She did good, running alongside. So, did Leanna.

Imagine it; I'm pushing double jogger with a girl on each side ohh, it was tough! The girls love the trails and we had a pic if afterwards while they played at the playground. We did have to rush home because it got super cold!!

we logged in 2.97 in 1:07:33.

I've got a hot date with my foam roller, while I partake in a twilight marathon. Hope y'all had a fabulous fitness-filled weekend!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

happy friday y'all!

Let's go for 10 randoms, about yours truly.

1. I wake up about 2 hours before my girls do. Why? sometimes an early workout, to fully wake up, get laundry started, have coffee, get some "me" time!

2. I'm currently obsessed with Jason Aldean. Obsessed! *swoon*

3. Play-Dough Playtime is so much fun these days! I love seeing them create silly masterpieces.

4. I'm 'considering' taking a minor "break" from running to focus on spinning. {still running w/minimum racing}

5. Rainy days are my most productive kind of days. I love Washington!

6. I recently cut a few inches off, and do not like the flaired look to my shoulder length do. I straighten it out.

7. This year will be the last in my 20s! Wow, time fliessss,....30s will be something {much more} fabulous!

8. I added a hot pink pair or running tights to my running gear; they are loud and hot!! I love COLOR in my gear, and I'm always on the search for more! My favorites are aquas, pinks, greens, orange, and reds!

9. I'm a crazy music junkie; always, almost daily, adding music to my playlist!! And, I tend to replay {insanely replay} a song over and over, not getting tired of it!

10. Have I mentioned I kicked the scale for 2013! Yepp, I'll occasionally weigh in, but not monthly! It's awesome to SEE progress on your body vs a NUMBER on the scale.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

y'all miss me!?

Hey y'all!

I've been MIA in the bloggin' world. I've just been living life,.enjoying my girls...settling back in to our routine after the Texas Trip. I can't believe January is almost gone!

I'm still sweating, running, spinning, working my booty out. literally!

Food: oh, the drama!! Mama loves to eat and fast food is the weakness! I went crazy when I came back home! And, it's been almost a week since I STOPPED hitting the drive-thru, as if it was my job!! I made a new best friend (again) with the blender, and the green smoothies are back! I've been doing okay, making healthier meals and choices. I don't diet, that word is not even in my vocabulary. It's an ongoing journey with food changes. I'm okay with that!

Virtual Races: I've earned 2 medals; {funD run 4 bling} Eat my Pixie Dust 10 miler and Resolution Run Half Marathon [#2 for {13in2013}].

Les Mills Combat: I'm currently on Week 2! Wow!! It's been a kick ass workout, seriously! On Week1/Day4; Plyo, sumo jump squats, plyo lunges, burpees, planks, booty was sore for days! I loved it! It's a 60 day program! I've got the squats covered like no other! Workouts have been roughly 30 minutes, it flyyyyssss by!

On the treadmill: truth be told, it's been a little rough. So, there's been some challenges like hill intervals to mix things up. Whewww, they get these hips and booty on FIYAHHH!!

Moms Run This Town: This Saturday a couple of fabulous mama runners will be meeting up for the Winter Runnerland. I'm meeting [earlier] up to run the first 10 miles and then we are meeting a few others to finish the 5k as a group. Looking forward to it!!

2013 bling board: still on the search for a spot to display! It's fabulous!

Happy Runnin' & Sweatin' y'all!

Friday, January 4, 2013

{5 by the 5th} #1/6

Happy Friday Y'all!!

I've had two [much needed] rest days after running 13.1 on New Years Day!

I headed back outdoors for January's {5 by the 5th} Virtual Race Series, hosted by Mommy Run Fast.
January-June Challenge; Run a 5k or 5 miles by the 5th of each month. Sweet!!

It was cold, it was gloomy, my throat was hurting a little. Where's my Texas sunshine?
I started off with a warm-up, then started a steady slow pace, no route in mind, for an slow 5k.
My garmin took a bit to register the run, but I always back up with 1 or 2 apps (runkeeper/nike+).
I had to run HARD/FAST from random barking dogs, several. And, I seriously thought I was going to get attacked. Sure, some were small little things but mannnn, they kept barking until I was off their street property. Aghhh...I had to watch the 'pavement' with so much uneven areas, I was scared I'd injure myself. It was pretty quiet with minimum cars around, even took it to the city trail, a little peace off the roadways. a little breather with some folks walking.

I gave myself some walking intervals, my calves are still pretty sore, as is my left foot. A little annoyed but manageable. I eased off. I reached the 5k but wasn't close to my finish, so I continued.

The last song on play was P!NK - Try. I can't express how much I love her music and this song especially. (If you haven't heard it; GO NOW, video is linked!) This is also apart of today's FOCUS {2013 Word}, that went into today's gratitude journal entry.
These lyrics speak LOUD:

"....where there is desire
there is gonna be a flame
where there is a flame
someone's bound to get burned
but just because it burns
doesn't mean you're gonna die
you've gotta get up and try, try, try..." 
Even though my run was set for slow and comfortable. I felt a little silly submitting the 4.23 because it was smack in the middle from running a 5k and possibly going further for 5 miles.
Nonethless, I got out there and

[[Currently at 39.87 miles for the Winter 100 Challenge hosted by The Running Mom.]]
[[And, 17.24 for the MRTT 1000 Mile Club]]

Finished Strong; 4.23 in 56:42

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution Run {13in2013; #1}


FIRST 2013 [virtual race] half-marathon DONE! [#1 for {13 in 2013}]

As usual, it didn't go as planned, I had set my alarm for 6am!
I went to bed around 9pm, and had a hard time staying asleep.
I didn't get out of the door until 10:30ish.
It was raining. It was cold. It was gloomy. It was PERFECT!

{for the love of the kids; New Year's Resolution Run}
I began my way towards my planned route and realized after a few lights that it was too much waiting around. So, once I reached 6.22 [half-way] point, I decided I would RUN a different route to the 'finish line'. It was actually better. Let me remind y'all that I have not even ran any of these 'routes'. Last summer while in Texas, I had 2/3 different trails (parks) where I'd run. So, these were all new routes, there was some minor hills, yes, even in Texas. The route back, had plenty of surprises but there was less traffic. So, I enjoyed and pushed myself against the growing wind. The temp had dropped too after the rain. I'll admit, I made a few stops to stretch my burning calves. The were on FIRE!!! Whewww. Next up, 5 by the 5th Challenge!

This run wasn't about making time; I was *FOCUSED* to enjoy the time great outdoors, the feet hitting the pavement, it was a FABULOUS start for 2013!!

Finished Strong; 13.1 in 2:43:51

Here's the fabulous bling that will start my 2013 collection!

Hope ya'll got out there and started 2013 with some fabulous miles. Happy 2013!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"