From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Call me FIT, Not Skinny!

As I look in the mirror, like I do often; after showers or slipping into SMALLER sized clothes or just getting ready, I love who I see and I am Proud of my Success!!! Then I begin to wonder; Why do people set unrealistic goals?!? I'm all for doing the impossible and challenging yourself. But when someone shares a goal weight and I ask, if that was a previous weight or pre-pregnancy weight and they reply "no". It kind of sets me off into an "are you serious" attitude. Obviously, I dont reply that way, I simply motivate them and remind them to set "mini" goals. I tell them how, I set small goals; losing baby weight, aiming for pre-marriage weight and how it took TIME, CONSISTANCY, DISCIPLINE, CHANGE,....and all my HEART!! It didn't happen in 60-90 days. In fact, this fitness journey has taken a few years, if that. I reached a HUGE Goal after my second baby girl and was BARELY enjoying the new slimmer body before I got pregnant again. This time around, I was at a smaller beginning weight, and gained roughly 20lbs during pregnancy. So, I knew reaching pre-baby weight and my other goals would be a tad bit less challenging. The challenging part was "making it happen" because of the INSANE situations we were in but I did it!! I reached pre-pregnancy weight at 4 months Post-Baby. I continued to challenge by body and reached my ultimate goal and then kept shedding weight. I wasn't aiming to lose any more weight and find myself battling with it, currently still am. I'm HAPPY with my weight loss and many others have seen my transformation. In fact, they are AMAZED that I lost so much with 3 little ones in tow and a husband who has been away for most of the past year. Some days, I do find it overwhelming that I've changed physically; I'm Fit, healthy, Smaller. I'm much more confident but sometimes, I feel a little insecure. I can't really explain it, but when you're been a particular weight for many years and suddenly realize you are no longer that weight, it can be emotionally confusing. Just accepting the new body, and all the glory that comes with it. This brings me back to my original subject. Why is it bothersome for those who tell me weight goals yet have never seen that number!??! I know it's possible for them to reach that number, anyone can do it as long as they are determined. Is it because, I know the realism of weight loss and success? Or because I know these indiviuals, I know how easily they become discouraged or want the "easy" way to weight loss. They believe in juice fast, diets, and other forms other than exercising and eating healthy, the natural way. I guess, I just become a little emotional and disappointed....I'm only human and I've very passionate about health & fitness. I can only keep on encouraging, motivating and supporting them on their weight loss journey. Has anyone else ever felt this way?? Tell me I'm not the only one....

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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