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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tunesday! {rest day crafting}

impromptu rest day. Okay!
Spent the morning w/just my baby girl.
No running. No cleaning.
We cuddled. We crafted.
We danced. We chatted a lot.
We just hung out.

We bought these spice racks a few weeks ago from ikea (a Pinterest project on my list) and decided to assemble them before picking up Ailea from school. She was helpful, kept saying, "I do it, mama." And, so she did. During naptime, I got busy painting them.

And, after naptime, we set them up in their new spots. Ailea was so excited! Serena got her own too, just at her level and she picked the spot. I snuck one into my bathroom as a space saver for those hair products [other randoms]. Hello, counter, we meet again. Leanna said it was awesome when she came home from school. Super easy cute project.

During my Sunday Run, this bad boy came on play, oh so dirty but pushed me to go stronger. Hah! Here's a throwback! Oh, to be a youngbuck in the club,...early 2000's. whoa!

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