From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

y'all miss me!?

Hey y'all!

I've been MIA in the bloggin' world. I've just been living life,.enjoying my girls...settling back in to our routine after the Texas Trip. I can't believe January is almost gone!

I'm still sweating, running, spinning, working my booty out. literally!

Food: oh, the drama!! Mama loves to eat and fast food is the weakness! I went crazy when I came back home! And, it's been almost a week since I STOPPED hitting the drive-thru, as if it was my job!! I made a new best friend (again) with the blender, and the green smoothies are back! I've been doing okay, making healthier meals and choices. I don't diet, that word is not even in my vocabulary. It's an ongoing journey with food changes. I'm okay with that!

Virtual Races: I've earned 2 medals; {funD run 4 bling} Eat my Pixie Dust 10 miler and Resolution Run Half Marathon [#2 for {13in2013}].

Les Mills Combat: I'm currently on Week 2! Wow!! It's been a kick ass workout, seriously! On Week1/Day4; Plyo, sumo jump squats, plyo lunges, burpees, planks, booty was sore for days! I loved it! It's a 60 day program! I've got the squats covered like no other! Workouts have been roughly 30 minutes, it flyyyyssss by!

On the treadmill: truth be told, it's been a little rough. So, there's been some challenges like hill intervals to mix things up. Whewww, they get these hips and booty on FIYAHHH!!

Moms Run This Town: This Saturday a couple of fabulous mama runners will be meeting up for the Winter Runnerland. I'm meeting [earlier] up to run the first 10 miles and then we are meeting a few others to finish the 5k as a group. Looking forward to it!!

2013 bling board: still on the search for a spot to display! It's fabulous!

Happy Runnin' & Sweatin' y'all!

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