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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution Run {13in2013; #1}


FIRST 2013 [virtual race] half-marathon DONE! [#1 for {13 in 2013}]

As usual, it didn't go as planned, I had set my alarm for 6am!
I went to bed around 9pm, and had a hard time staying asleep.
I didn't get out of the door until 10:30ish.
It was raining. It was cold. It was gloomy. It was PERFECT!

{for the love of the kids; New Year's Resolution Run}
I began my way towards my planned route and realized after a few lights that it was too much waiting around. So, once I reached 6.22 [half-way] point, I decided I would RUN a different route to the 'finish line'. It was actually better. Let me remind y'all that I have not even ran any of these 'routes'. Last summer while in Texas, I had 2/3 different trails (parks) where I'd run. So, these were all new routes, there was some minor hills, yes, even in Texas. The route back, had plenty of surprises but there was less traffic. So, I enjoyed and pushed myself against the growing wind. The temp had dropped too after the rain. I'll admit, I made a few stops to stretch my burning calves. The were on FIRE!!! Whewww. Next up, 5 by the 5th Challenge!

This run wasn't about making time; I was *FOCUSED* to enjoy the time great outdoors, the feet hitting the pavement, it was a FABULOUS start for 2013!!

Finished Strong; 13.1 in 2:43:51

Here's the fabulous bling that will start my 2013 collection!

Hope ya'll got out there and started 2013 with some fabulous miles. Happy 2013!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. Yep, what better way to start the new year - what a great run!