From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend wrap-up

What a Weekend!

Winter Runnerland Half-Marathon {MRTT virtual race}
As usual, things didn't go as [originally] planned.
no big deal. I was bummed that I didn't get to meetup with the fabulous ladies of our local moms run this town group.

I set out to the housing gym, to begin running miles for the Winter Runnerland Half-Marathon. With an extra toddler in tow, 4 kids, they did awesome keeping themselves entertained. After waiting (stretching) for an open treadmill, a main reason why i do want a home treadmill. I tackled some hill intervals, with some walking too. It wasn't too bad, I had Bruno Mars latest album on play {another obsession}. My hips were a little tight, since I had a 20 mile spin session the evening before. It helped to pick up the speed though. I run comfortably between the speed of 6.3-6.8, and go hard at 7.3-7.5. It's definitely challenging some days, I take it on. The burn is fabulous!

finished strong; 5 miles in 58:27!!!

I felt amazing!! Body was taking it pretty well too, my hips were stretched pretty well. Once back home, I started the lunch and naptime madness. Showered, cleaned, and did a load of dirty running gear. My friend was coming over to pick up her little dude. And, then stayed behind to watch my girls while I slipped back into running gear to {happily run} finish the remaining miles. Whoop! Whoop!!

I went in daring; tackling the major hills first on the trails! They are KILLER but the views are AMAZING!! Gloomy skies, some clouds, evergreen trees in every direction! First 3 miles were TOUGH!! Miles 4-5 were my recovery, nice, easy, comfortable, I was on the pavement at this point. I made a pit stop for a new pair of earphones and gu gel. And, finished off miles 6-7, on a familiar route. Oh, I missed my outdoor runs! A lot!

finished strong; 8.13 miles in 1:43:43!!

I earned that fabulous bling with sweat, and sweet determination! Woohoo!!
{This is also #3 for 13in2013!!}

Run Fur Fun {#anywhere5k}
They don't call me super {runner} mama for nothing! I was back at it, another fabulous 5k from #anywhere5k. This time we took Bonita out for the run, add in double jogger; we got ourselves an adventure! She did good, running alongside. So, did Leanna.

Imagine it; I'm pushing double jogger with a girl on each side ohh, it was tough! The girls love the trails and we had a pic if afterwards while they played at the playground. We did have to rush home because it got super cold!!

we logged in 2.97 in 1:07:33.

I've got a hot date with my foam roller, while I partake in a twilight marathon. Hope y'all had a fabulous fitness-filled weekend!

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  1. GREAT running!! What a weekend full of it :D
    Enjoy your foam rolling and twilight'ing night!!