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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stroller Strides, Spin & Snickers!

happy {rest day} Wednesday!
Err, is my rest day routine!
Ohhhh, I need it too!

Let's take it back to Monday, really quick.
I got my butt kicked at stroller strides, Calli is an awesome instructor!! Like, seriously!! And, it was a perfect way to start the week. I hadn't been to a stroller strides class since 2008! When I had one kiddo, we went all summer long +, approximately 5 months and then I gradually stopped when I found out I was pregnant with baby girl #2. I loved it then and it helped me shed 15 lbs. Monday's class was challenging, especially after the weekend miles! We logged in 2.5 miles, with awesome stations! Whewwwwwww!!! I'm excited to add it into my always-growing fitness routine, even if its once or twice a week.

Tuesday, I finallyyyyyy jumped onto the saddle for a SPIN CLASS!!! Yessssss, it's been forever since I've been in a class setting and I was loving it!! I'm SO thankful for awesome friends. I learned new terms for routines I have done, I learned new moves for different areas, core work while spinning (whoa!). I was sweating buckets, seriously. The instructor was pretty awesome! I'm excited to add spin classes back into my routine. I logged in 12.1 [intense] miles. After class, I went into a crazy chocolate craving; snickers and I went in. It was the perfect combination; spin & snickers! Hehehe

les mills combat: Week 3!!
Wheww! Can I tell y'all, my biceps popped with round one of les mills pump! And, I absolutely LOVE seeing them with combat. I can't get enough of this fabulous program! It has it all: hot warriors, jabs, SQUATS, burpees, planks, kicks,...amazing combinations!!

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