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Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the Year 5k!

end of the year 5k!!
and, I stacked this 5k for two virtual races!! BAM!!

My girls went to dinner with their cousins, so this mama took full advantage of "me time", got dressed and laced up the asics, and headed out. It was dark, and my SIL's neighborhood had several dark areas, minimum lighting. Afterall, we are out in the country. So, I went FAST in some areas and eased off in others (no repeat of a sprained ankle, please). It was still pretty windy but I was getting my run on and I was loving it.

Finished Strong; 5k in 35:19

 {for the love of the kids} New Year's Resolution Run 5k
My race [bib] packet was mailed to WA and I didn't receive it before we left town. Not to worry, I received my bib number via email, and logged in tonight's 5k. I have the half-marthon that I will be running on January 1st, the whole 13.1 miles, no better way to start 2013 Running [First Race for the challenge; 13 in 2013]!! The medals are fabulous and so is the tee swag. I should be receiving the medals sometime in January; 5k to be added to the 2012 bling and half-marathon will start the 2013 bling.

{FUNd Run 4 Bling} Snowflake 5k
Here's another fabulous race. I have the medal sitting on my counter at home. It was just waiting to be hung with the 2012 bling and I meant to run the race before I left but it didn't happen. So, here it is. Done. I've participated in 5/6 races with this awesome group. And, have more in 2013. Her bling is pretty awesome and the girls are also participating in the kids run.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. Happy New Year girl!!

    Good luck at the 1/2 tomorrow - what a GREAT way to start off 2013!