From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Friday, February 1, 2013

Helllooooo, February!

Ohhh weeee!!! It's a new month, a new start, a new challenge, a new attitude, a new.....y'all get the point.

Thursday nights SPIN class was (with a different instructor) slow and intense; still had me a sweaty hot mess!! I do mean, SWEATY!!! Other that the fabulous burn, I love that its lights out during class! And, again I learned new terminology and moves! She really had us working out the hamstrings and glutes! Several reps of climbs, flats, tunnels, core,......logged in 10.1 miles.

Fridays runch (lunch run) was a little tough; heavy legs got challenged with hill and speed intervals on the treadmill. I was on fire, SWEATIN' like crazy! I was soaked, talk about a crazyass challenge! Alicia Keys latest album was on play (she is phenomenal). Lately, I've been running, too a much more mellow playlist, and I am loving it.

Finished strong; 2 miles in 26:09!!
First 2 miles toward this months virtual half-marathon, apart of the 13in2013 series: Tackle the Miles (feb 1-8)!!

What's going on in February?
My littlest baby girl is turning 2 YEARS OLD (just a few days from today), time has flown by!!!! I'll cry. I've been soaking up every single second with her as a one year old!!

I'm looking forward to a 'not so busy' race schedule; Sweetheart 5k (first road race of the year, on base), and at least 4 more virtual races. Lots of spinnin', stroller stridin', squattin', juicin', green smoothin', core workin', liftin', combatin' and a few other AMAZING events!! February is going to be FABULOUS!!!!

Y'all have a fabulous fitness-filled weekend! Happy running; Happy sweating!

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