From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend wrap-up

It was a crazzyyyy awesome weekend!!

How crazy awesome!?
This girl got herself a 5k PR and 25k under her runners belt!!
And, a sweet something from her man too!!

Sweetheart 5k; 32:08
I'm not going to lie, I was nervous! It's been a while since I ran a base race, last years, st. patty's run. Nonetheless, I was excited to slip into my running gear and lace up the running shoes. I noticed they had a new route mapped out, agh!! Race started, Running happened ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! That's right, I didn't stop once, no recovery, I eased off a few times, I continued to run uphill. Oh, yeahhhh, another addition to the route, MORE hills. I suppose, they were on my side, I took full advantage.
FINISHED STRONG; setting a new PR!!

After a little bit of recovery time, it was time to get dolled up!
From running shoes to fabulous heels. It was a sweet evening at ship wives valentines dinner. We got a amazing surprise, I LOVED the video shout out and love note from my man. Can we get the rest of this deployment done and over with!? C'mon!

Fishline 25k; 4:46:18
Actually, 16.62 miles!
This was a spontaneous decision, like, I signed up a few days before when another MRTT member mentioned it. I was instantly sold since it was literally down the street AND who doesn't want to get a 25k on the trails!?! Uhhhhmmmmm, what did we get ourselves into!? Trails!! Forest, Woods TRAILS!! I followed along on her 3:1 method, we ran longer in some instances. We hiked a lot of it, we had lots of random conversation, we pushed ourselves to keep going, we go lost twice. And, we laughed a iut it. It felt good, it felt awesome, it hurt. It was brutal, it was nothing like expected and then again, I totally loved it!! Those steep trails really got me, my poor knees. My aching calves too. Reaching the finish line never felt better, we were greeted with other finishers telling us how intense and crazy completing this trail run was. So glad, it just wasn't me thinking of it!! Uhmm, call me crazy but I'm totally looking forward to the rest of this race series. Trail running [in Washington] is an truly an AMAZING experience!!


  1. what GREAT runs!!
    Love that running pic up top.
    Your outfit for dinner is sooo gorgeous btw!