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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

tackle the miles {13in2013}

Half-Marathon #4 is in the books and it was rough!!

I broke this virtual race into 4 challenging runs, wheww!! When you're husband is on deployment, that's how things go. I {sometimes} feel kind of guilty putting my kids up with friends for virtual races. It's happened but not often. Anyways, I went from treadmill to outdoors and back to treadmill. Booyah!!

Friday's run, was challenging, my shins were a little annoyed. Maybe from the spin classes. I logged in 2 miles in 26:02 with some hills mixed in.

Saturday was rough, I had crabby kids in tow at the playroom and with the shins still bothered I gave myself some inclined walking intervals. I logged in 3.22 miles in 45:32. Ehhh.

Tuesdays, impromptu run in the rain was fabulous!! I doubled these miles with the 5 by the 5th virtual race. That rush from coming home soaked is awesome, I love it!! A friend joined in and we logged in 3.20 in 1:07:02

Today's last 5 miles. Whewww, I was a sweaty mess during the first mile. Yuck!! It didn't hurt but I was just soo over the treadmill. Ever feel like that? I wanted to get it over with, mixed in hills and speed. I logged in 5 miles in 1:05:00.

What's next?
Resting these legs from running for the next 2 days. I have a weekend of racing; my first outdoor races!!!

Sweetheart 5k and Fishline 25k trail run.Holy cow, a 25k!! I'm excited for some "me" time!!

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