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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Barking Mad for Breast Cancer {13in2013}

{virtual} Half Marathon #5 is in the books y'all!

It didn't quite go as I had planned, I wanted to run it at one time. ahh well. There's always next time, like April's Virtual.

I dedicated this weeks running miles to a good cause that's dear to my heart. Barking Mad about Running hosted this virtual race.

Monday; jumped on the treadmill, it was by far challenging, and the longest I've ran on it since it joined the family. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself. Especially, since I had ran 6 miles the day before. I ran for an entire hour, and had a lot of things on my mind. I've made a lot of changes recently and have been defeated in a few things. It was the perfect opportunity for a major switch up, in all things fitness. I'm excited.
Finished Strong; 4.45 miles in 60 minutes

Wednesday; after a wonderful rest day, morning meetup at Joann's to pick out fabric for an upcoming {wreath project} craft play date! I set out Wednesday for a LONG [outdoor] RUN! I dropped off my girls at a friends house, about 20 minutes late and tried to make the best of the clock! I ran the usual routes but in the opposite way. HILLS, still got me but i was tackling them!! There was sunshine, just perfect!! I covered it all, pavement, trails, mud,....evergreen trees all around. I love Washington state!

Finished Strong; 7.06 miles in 1:28:05

Thursday; today was definitely a fabulous fitness-filled day! Started off with stroller strides, wheww!! Then, I got busy during naptime, jumping on the treadmill. I was a little sore from SS and yesterday's 7 miler, so I went comfortable. I have myself a few speed intervals, Britney's spears and cheered me on.

Finished Strong; 2.01 miles in 27:03

I earned myself a fabulous medal to hang with the 2013 bling.

{Half Fanatics}
I'm eager and excited to run my first 2013 [Half-Marathon] road race next weekend (3/9) and then another the following (3/16) that's right, becoming an official half fanatics member!! MAJOR RUNNERS HIGH! The bling is SUPER FABULOUS but I'm more excited about the course, the views will be AMAZING/UNFORGETTABLE!!

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