From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

hey thereeee!

Uhmm, still mending a bum knee. I knew it was stressed during the last stretch of the 25k, those forest trails are insane{ly awesome}. I took time off from the les mills combat and have been cross training with weights instead. I've got 2 virtual races underway to complete; 10k and my 5th half-marathon.

We ventured back into the world of single joggers, adding a fabulous {orange} sister to the collection. Baby girl enjoyed the view during Tuesday's walk/run at a new {now favorite} spot. I'm continuously amazed with the beauty Washington state offers and am always thankful for new adventures/exploring!! The weather was perfect, with peek-a-boo sunshine, cold and a awesome view of the snow-covered mountains. {follow me on instragram to see some views: rosannarox}

another addition (that I debated for over a year on): the treadmill. Y'all know I enjoy {love} outdoor runs and sometimes life gets a little crazy with 3 kids in tow, husband in deployment, household duties and so on, even when 2 are off two school. So, I decided to 'just do it' and joined the club. I also, decided to add it to my office nook, not in the garage, like I originally planned. It's not an eye sore, it's actually sitting pretty, near the spin bike.

I haven't been up to date on my daily blog posts, I've been keeping {focus} on life outside this 'networking craziness'. Baby girl has a daily growing vocabulary, conversation that silly amaze me; I'm one proud mama! To hear her say, "go runnin'",...I just about cried. To hear her say, "goooo, mama, goooooooo". To hear her say, "fast, goooooooo!" Y'all get the point, I've been enjoying time with my girlies, times flying by and SOON, we will have our man back from this forever long deployment.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous fitness-filled day/week!
Make it happen.

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