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Sunday, February 24, 2013

weekend wrap-up

what a fabulous weekend!

an impromptu zoo trip, first pho experience, treadmill 5k, and track 5k. Whoop! Whoop!

There was some awesome sunshine on Saturday, and after lounging the morning away. I packed a backpack and loaded the kids for a drive to the Seattle area, I wanted to surprise them with a fun afternoon, unsure of what exactly where I was going. We ended up at the zoo and spent 2 hours exploring, soaking up the sunshine and saying "hi" to animals.

{The Sweet Cupcake Race 10k}
Sunday rolled in early, I was up and serious about finishing the last few miles. I logged in 4 on Tuesday {2 with baby girl outdoors and 2 on the treadmill}. I received my medal last week and proudly hung it with today's treadmill run. It was a little rough, I'll admit it. My treadmill is set up next to the window and the heater was still on; aghhh!! It took a bit for the heater to shut off, so it felt like I was running in a sauna. I pushed through several hard moments. I slowed down, I sped up, ran hard. My knee didn't bother me much. Whewww.

Finished strong; 3.11 miles in 36:44!

{#anywhere5k team challenge}
Another #anywhere5k run complete! I started participating in these run events back in September and I'm happy to see other friends joining in. This months theme was "team challenge". Another mama and I teamed up, we me up at the track, each of us have 3 kiddos, 6 and under. We had or youngest babies in their single joggers and the older ones joined us with some walking/running on the track, wondering off to explore nearby.
We did running intervals, and chatted, there was some light rainfall, wind and it was COLD! We made stops along our rounds, it was nearing lunch and naptime, so my younger 2 were a tad bit cranky. Why didn't I bring my double jogger instead and forgot the snacks in the car. Aghh!! Nonetheless, I managed the tantrums, crying, whining, and got it done!

Finished strong; 3.11 miles in 1:13:19

What's next?
Logging in miles for the latest virtual half marathon, #5 for 13in2013!! Starting week 5 of les mills combat, stroller strides, and saying bye to February!! Woohoo!!!!!

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  1. Great running! can't believe you're doing your 5th half for the year.
    oooh btw, I tried pho for the first time recently too, loved it!