From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Friday, March 22, 2013

fun fact Friday

another week down!
a week full of recovering, stretching, minimum running.
a week full of crazy random weather in the Pacific Northwest; sunshine, rain, hail, wind! Yep, we're sick too!
a week that officially welcomed a new season; Hello, Spring!

lets get this party started with our weekly random 10,..

1. I have quite a friends milspouses that have found their passion in running and lately have signed up for RACES!! makes me proud, and they'll be hooked! Of course, I share my running/racing adventures with them all. It was only a matter of time before they came over! :))))

2. I'll be starting half marathon training with 2 of those friends, once our men get home! They both signed up for their FIRST half; in August!! I'm super thrilled, and they both have praised me for the push and inspiration! Awesome!!

3. I finally got mytickets to a summer concert; new kids on the block with 98* and boyz II men! And, guess who's my date!? My husband!! I love me some old school pop! Old? Wow! Did I really just,....dang!

4. I'm a little burlap obsessed! I find the most unique ways to incorporate it into my crafts!! Same for twine!!

5. Favorite way to eat most of my veggies; ROASTED!! And, I love a crisp to them with trader joes garlic salt or sea salt. Yumm!!

6. Starbucks grande double dirty chai latte, at least once a week! ! There's days where I go super dirty, mama loves espresso!

7. Lately, I've daydreamed and dreamed of an ombré style. I'm not one for coloring my hair, I haven't since high school. My hair is so dark, and healthy, that's probably the reason I haven't done anything. However, I might surprise myself one day soon.

8. Booty smacking! Nothing sexual or violent, duh! A thing my husband does, randomly. It's like a sign of affection for him. {don't hate} And, my girls do the same! But it scares the bejezzus out of me, because that's 'his thing' and they've stole it and [randomly] continued it while he's been on deployment. Hahaha

9. Morning [daily] basics; moisturizer, mascara, concealer, Chapstick. Those are the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference in my day!! And, I sure do keep it the same on race days! Too each, their own.

10. Planking and blogging!! [Obviously, I'm on my phone.] I just did! And, no, I wasn't keeping time! Just going for it!! Multi-tasking, baby!

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