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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

st. paddy's half marathon {13in2013}

Can y'all believe this is #7 in the 13in2013 challenge!?
2nd half in real life; back 2 back halfs weekend!
And, it totally kicked my booty, literally.
My glutes are on FIYAHHH!

Let's get a race recap going,....

Friday, was my stretch [foam roll] this shiz out of my legs [IT band] day and we headed outdoors for some fun too; ice cream, pottery painting and park play. Hello, sunshine!

Saturday: {st. paddy's day run tacoma}
oh, another EARLY morning wakeup, 5AM wasn't so bad. (After having my iPhone screen broken, once again and waiting on a sleepless 6yr old to fall asleep, I fell asleep around midnight!) I got some more stretching in before waking the girls & getting them ready and loaded in. I sipped on coffee, and on Ezekiel toast w/pb, picked up another MRTT member to carpool with, dropped of girls at my friends place. And, off we went, 45 min drive wasn't bad at all! Sure, I was a little exhausted from the morning craziness but that's why they call me "super{runner}mama". I just keep going; make it happen. We got lucky rolling into the event location and finding a spot barely a block away, with nearly 30 minutes to spare!! We geared up; pinned bib, accessories on, stretched, bathroom break inside a warm pub!! Woohoo!! Made it to the start line and we were ready! It was gloomy and there was a 30% chance of rain. Fellow MRTT member told me she was sick all week and wanted to just walk it but as a marathoner, I knew she wouldn't.

Miles 1-5: I started off pretty steady, legs felt great, no IT pain whatsoever. I was happy but I was also feeling congested, my nose was a wee bit runny. We had been fighting sore throats this week. Ugh! So, breathing wasn't as easy, and I pushed through it. Mile 3, light rain started coming down and lingered around. Around mile 4, I had to really use the restroom, badly. And, it takes forever to get through a line. Luckily, there was a park with a few and I also stripped off layer and repined bib. Now, I was sporting the MRTT green {festive} tee,...'moms shamrock this town'. There went approx 15minutes and I never caught back up with the 2:30 pace leader. Whomp! Whomp!

Miles 6-9: once, I got back on the road, I realized I was amongst the 10k'rs, and they were hustlin', I picked up speed and was distinguished by my green bib as a half marathoner, when they did the 1/2 turn, I continued forward. Back to my world,..water station, fueled up and went on. Oh, hey,.....hills and the view along the water, uhhhhh-mazing!!! I love a good view and Washington offers it all. It makes me incredibly happy to be a girl from Texas, and exploring new places, all made possible via husband and his career in the NAVY!! I'm apart of an Elite group of women, the ones that EMBRACE their surroundings and enjoy the little things. I've been to Hawaii {paradise}, San Diego {city life}, Ridgecrest {desert town},.Washington continuously takes my breath away! Okay, back to running...

Miles 10-11: through the surrounding neighborhood, errrr, I mean hills and hills! My legs felt soooo heavy! At this point, I was trying to keep a steady jog uphill but found myself walking, and walking. I wanted to stop and stretch but kept pushing myself instead. I really wondered where in the world is the turn around,...aghh, downhill! I snapped a photo before I headed down slowly. My knees were feeling the hills, they were pretty beat at this point. Yep, no fun!

Mile 12: forever long, forever. And, I completely forgot the up hills that we went down on from the start line. I took walking intervals and again wanted to stop to stretch but it was MILE 12, no way!! There were others walking along the uphills too, I could feel the rush coming over the last hill, and I wanted to sprint so badly. I think my face had more of a "finish strong" look than my legs did. I.just.kept.going. Whoaaaa

Finished {heavily} Strong: 13.1 miles in 2:49:22!!!!

Grabbed a medal and stretch over in a squat while they cut off the time chip off my shoe. I stayed stretched over while the guy, congratulated me and repeatedly said, "way to go, you did it.", while giving me a smile and pat on the back. I sure did, I was proud, this mama, this girl, this runner completed back 2 back half-marathons!! It wasn't about setting PR's, the medals, the swag, becoming a half fanatic, {okay, a little} it was the rush, the effort, the push for myself, my inner soul needed this. I was overwhelmed, this passion was burning throughout me, I set out a goal and I crushed it!! {insert smile and tears} I found my friend at the finish line shortly after, and we chatted about the race experience, she did good too, around 2:35, not bad for being under the weather. We loaded back up for the drive and I made a pit stop for some fast food from 'sonic', it's one of those places I love! I snuck in quick shower before picking up my girlies. Even though my body felt a little beat up, I took my girls to the park to enjoy the sunshine, and afterwards got busy with an [early] dinner; fish tacos. And a corinarita for my post-race celebratory drink. Yummaayyy!!

Stand out songs: maclamore's 'can't hold us', cali swag districts 'teach me
How to dogie' and Flo rida's 'in the Ayer'.
Add them to your playlist; go!

What's next?
the jelly bean virtual race hosted by run with jess.
Squatting. Boxing. Spinning.
Kettlebelling. Bosu-ng. Yoga-ng ... .... ...
Running; squeezing in long runs.
April: backwards 1 miler & 10k
Next Half Marathon(s): May 5 & May 23!

Hope y'all had an active weekend!

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