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Monday, March 11, 2013

lake sammamish half {13in2013}

first [in real life] half marathon for 2013.
half marathon #6 for the 13 in 2013 challenge.
first road trip with a few fabulous MRTT runners.
{weekend wrap-up}

{Friday} a ferry ride to Seattle, started this awesome weekend. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining by the time we got to the packet pick-up location. I was also picking up 2 other packets, for the other mother runners, that were going. We made a detour to ikea before the drive back home, finally picking up a few items for an upcoming project. We got a surprise, my brother arrived a day early!! He was flying in from the carrier, off from deployment, he detached and has orders to SoCal. My girls were SO excited to welcome their uncle back to the USA!! They were all over him, a bit overwhelming for him, I'm sure!

{Saturday} Lake Sammamish Half Marathon
Race day; up EARLY, 4:30! After the morning chaos, and loading of 3 cranky girls, we headed to my friends house, she babysat the girls during my FIRST half marathon, last July. And, is awesome watching my girls. I met up at my friends house, where we'd get together and carpool to the ferry. This was a location, I hadn't been to, so I was happy that we made plans to go together. Ferry loaded at 6:25, after some driving, we arrived at the race location, about 8:00. Got geared up, bathroom break, tried to warm-up, it was COLD!! And, once we crossed the start line, we each went into our own 'running' world.

Mile 1-6: the course was flat, surprisingly, Washington is known for its 'hillish' routes. I was completely stretched at mile 4. I got to mile 5, and realized I needed a bathroom break, my body wanted to instantly stop but I pushed through it. Once, I finally spotted a porta-potty and the long line, I kept going. I'm not going to lie, I hit several spots where I was speeding and zig zagging my way ahead of folks and I felt like a total badass because I wasn't burnt out. I paced though. No knee pain. I was over the moon!! A lot to through your mind when you're running for over an hour...with more miles and time ahead.

Miles 6-8: I took a few walking breaks, around miles 6-8. My feet went numb, and I had to stretch a little. I even took off a layer, because the fog finally burned off and the sun was shining. The trail was mostly gravel, some paved areas. We ran alongside some houses that had lake fronts. It was absolutely beautiful. I day-dreamed, yessss while running, about never moving from this amazing state and owning a house like those.
Miles 9-11: are we there yet? Seriously!? Mile 10 had us running alongside the roadways, I actually ran the entire time, passing several folks that decided to walk. I suppose, this is the kind of running I can concentrate with the most. Just the music and the pavement ahead, I was in a zone. Mile 11 had us back on a trail, heading into the Lake Sammamish State Park. Once again, burst of energy and passing folks. I was eater for the finish line!! Woohoo!! I had Drakes 'started from the bottom' song on replay to push me! It gets annoying but it definitely had me pushing!

Mile 12: longest.mile.ever. {Young the Giant- body on replay for the finish} it was a busy park day, finishers along the trail cheering us on, Families spending time at the park, errr...or waiting for their finisher, the shuttle buses leaving back to start location. Yep, luckily, we didn't have to loop back! The zig zagging felt like the longest time, but I knew the finish line was somewhere over that tree area. The fact that I couldn't see it, was probably a good thing. The last stretch was right along the lake, I was overwhelmed with emotions; fabulous weather, amazing view, garmin watch time was setting a PR,......"my body tell me no but I won't quit, Cuz i want more, I want more..." The finish line never looked sweeter, my music was blasting and I was smiling and holding back tears of awesomeness!! It totally kicked my ass, I kicked ass and was on an amazing runners high!!

Finished Strong: 13.1 miles in 2:30:56!!!
I caught up with the 2 other mother runners and we chatted about our run, each of us setting PR's!! Pretty exciting, considering this was a flat course, which I learned was a BIG DEAL! We snapped photos, refueled and each purchased a shirt from Run Pretty Far, fabulous items. I knew I was going to jump into my shirt, to pair with my celebratory drink, sangria!! We made our way to the shuttle, car drive to ferry, ferry ride back to meeting location. It was 3pm, I rushed home to steal a shower before picking up my girls. Then, back home to cook up a spaghetti dinner; yummmayyy!! After, putting the girls to bed and cleaning the dinner mess, I finally sat down, more sangria, movie night with my brother.

{Sunday} active recovery. Ouch.
I rolled, literally, out of bed around 8am.
After a little bit of lounging, watching Wreck it Ralph.
I decided to get busy in the garage, the fact that my either was leaving Monday morning too. I wanted to relocate the treadmill into the garage. And, complete the garage gym. Err, I mean, clean the garage. Even, getting the car loaded with a hefty goodwill donation. I spent a few hours and it sure did help relieve the soreness, a little sangria helped too. It looks amazing now!! And, I've still got some clearing/trashing of toys and junk. It should be cleared out by the time husband returns. We finally have a homecoming date, finally!! I'm SO happy he will be home to celebrate half-marathon #3, we've already got a BBQ and margaritas planned post-race, his mom will be in town too. Such exciting news to a running-super active-filled weekend!!

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