From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend wrap-up {#anywhere5k}

We had a fabulous {super} productive weekend! Lots of sunshine, too!

Friday, I got busaayyy during naptime, hopped on the treadmill! I mentions before how my IT band had been irritating me. So, I've spent the last week stretching and resting the legs. I had to test it and eased into my run, felt better while I was actually running, between speeds 6.6-7.3. Seems like longer faster strides help stretch it. While it felt great, my body wasn't cooperating, must be all the crap foods I ate. Yep, still trying to change my habits but not kicking myself into full gear. Blah, Blah. Intervals are always challenging to me but that's where my awesome playlist comes in "play"!! Whoo! I felt like a badass, and jumped off treadmill doing 50 deep squats. OUCH! what was I thinking!?!

3 miles done!

Saturday. Welcome, Spring Cleaning!
This 'spring cleaning' has been going on for a few weeks now! It hadn't reached the upstairs though. Well, it finally happened! And, it was crazy! I mean there's 3 bedrooms and a huge closet, errr, craft corner! There's still process to made in there. My quads were SO sore but the constant moving and going up/downstairs helped relive it a little!! Cleaning came to an end when I began babysitting 2 extra kiddos for a sleepover too. Well, I did hang clothes before I went to bed. Anyone else hang their race day tee and running tops!? My hangers about double because I certainly do! What!? I wear them way more than my normal tops! Race tees; are earned and I wear them proudly!

Sunday. {2nd annual #anywhere5k}
Another virtual challenge hosted by these folks. Another fabulous 5k run during naptime! And, it was pretty awesome. While I was getting my oldest took notice, next thing I see is that she is also dressed up in her running gear! She said, "while you run in the treadmill, I'll run on next to you on the ground. I want to workout and be string like you,...". I was smiling pretty dang big {super proud}, she's awesome! {lead by example}

I was email chatting with my husband, so he was kind of there with me. I'd reply during the walking intervals. It was slower than normal, however I wasn't aiming for a PR on the treadmill. Before I jumped on I foam rolled and there after, it feels good! My legs felt amazing!!

I showered, got dressed and ready and we then heard out for a park play date, followed by fro-yo, dinner and target. Once, we got home, bedtime routine started. I changed into running gear, I wanted MORE!! However, my leg didn't agree! And, I only got 2 MILES in! Better than nothing, I ran with my heart and pushed my legs!

It's Monday and I'm getting my foam rolling on, a little yoga. Then LIFTING AND a RUN!!

y'all get out there in whatever it is; make it happen! happy sweating!

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