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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 for 12•12•12

12 Randoms for 12•12•12!!

1. Thongs are sometimes annoying.

2. I run with mis-match socks.

3. I run in Asics, favorite brand.

4. I only run in particular tight/capris.

5. Hairspray is another accessory while working out/running.

6. Contacts while running. Glasses are no fun. It's happened though.

7. Chapstick, military ID, phone in spibelt, during runs.

8. My garage has become my in home gym. It's fabulous and still adding more.

9. I've already started my {diy} 2013 bling board & race bib rack.

10. Braids are a girls best friend during workouts and running.

11. I drink green tea while catching up on the fitness/running blogs I follow.

12. I'd rather earn an awesome shirt than bling.

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