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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

I spent every.single.second of this weekend with my girls!

No running. No workouts.

*I can't say much about the tragic events, my poor heart aches at the thought*

As I mentioned on Fridays post, I completed the {FunD Run Fir Bling} Virtual Winter Wonderland Half-Marathon; 5 runs for 13.37 miles.

I earned the fabulous medal and it's displayed on the Christmas tree with the rest of 2012 bling. Whoop! Whoop!

I plan to do the {FunD Run for Bling} Virtual Winter Wonderland 5k on Friday, to celebrate the first day of winter. Then, the Santa Hustle Half-Marathon on Sunday, in Texas. Ohhh, can't wait!!

{Merry Christmas}
Today, we celebrated our [early] Christmas!! Molly the elf, surprised the girls with a note!! We even got a call from our special man!! We lounged, played and enjoyed the day. I didn't let this lingering headache ruin my fun. We even welcomed SNOW, Leanna's ultimate Washington wish was full-filled!! Snow on Christmas Day!! My girl was over the moon with excitement!! So, was I!!!

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  1. aw a happy early Christmas to you guys!
    How precious is that picture of them looking in their stockings!

    And thanks for your suggestion, foam rolling, here I come..achh!