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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

happy friday y'all!!

ya'll ready for another random goes it!!

1. I jumped out of bed while scrolling down my fb newsfeed yesterday morning when I saw a photo of my man!! Yes, that man who is currently on month #4 of deployment. {{YES, I often visit {stalk} husband's SHIP facebook page, when they hit port for possible photo's of him.}} They recently made a port visit in DUBAI!! And, he volunteered for a COMREL (community relations) project. He was busy at work, and we were SO happy to finally see action photo's. This wasn't his first COMREL, he has volunteWe are anxious for homecoming!

2. My 20 yr old sister could be my twin! Yes, I'll admit it...and everyone is constantly saying when they see photo's of us. Especially, now that I'm in town. She is 20 years old, so I'm flattered. I look young, thanks...I'm pushing 30 but don't feel it one bit. It's just a number in my book!! Would you agree?

3. I'm head over heels with flats, like all kinds; toms, bobs, leopard print, khaki's, chevrons...and so on...I love them! I've got an every-growing collection but can't wear them on rainy days. I've tried a few times, and soaked feet aren't fun!! My rainboots are another growing {fabulous] collection!!

4. Starbucks Venti Dirty Dirty Chai Latte, please!! What's that you ask?? It's a chai latte with 2 espresso shots. SO YUMMY & my ultimate fave! go try it!! Ohh, I love Washington. It feels weird NOT drinking coffee on rainy cold days. I'm an addict, and happy keurig owner. If it's not coffee, it's green tea, chai lattes, green chai tea, even hot cocoa with my girls.

5. You know you're a fitness addict, when your family mentions they have a new local gym.
I'll be getting my gym time on this weekend, while in the country.

6. I've been called, "the craft queen, crafty mama, craftiest person I know, craftaholic, creative mama, creative {running} mama, miss crafty pants,.....etc" by countless friends since high school. It's true, I take pride in my projects whether they are home decor, scrapbooks, kids crafts, wall art, you name it. Earlier, I was looking through  a few boxes that have some of my items, like photos and other crafty such from high school. Wow!!

7. Since, I'm home and I've been asked about my husband A LOT. I've realized that in 2013, we will mark 10 YEARS since we met and became a couple!! 10 YEARS, unbelievable!! We met through his SIL on June 20, 2003 (while he was on leave after deployment), she was my co-worker and it was a done deal. We talked and talked for almost 2 weeks, we fell in love and started this "long-distance relationship", he was stationed in Hawaii! We married September 23, 2004. I think it's cute when my {now} growing nieces & nephews {in-laws} 15+ years, ask how we met and how it all began. TRUE LOVE Y'ALL!

8. I've been debating on my latest pair of eye glasses for a few months now. It's like I get a new pair every year and have the hardest time over & over. And, it's sad, because I almost want to get the same exact pair but take advantage of the 'new look' option. {same thing for running shoe} still on the search,,,

9. It's almost January; I've been anxiously waiting for a few months now {silly, I know}!! Not for the whole a new year, a new start deal. Because, it's 2013, ...we are in the YEAR that homecoming gets [a whole lot] closer, become [way more] real. No more, next year business, now it's the same year. We have our HALF-WAY party in 2 WEEKS {Saturday} and I have yet to even look for a DRESS. I will next week, it's an OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM theme. Dressing up, red lips, wavy hair, heels, Oh My!! A totally different look from the housewife, stay at home, runner mama look. Aghh, I'm EXCITED!!

10. Happy 2013 Y'all!! I hope y'all have a safe and happy celebration with your loved ones!! And, don't forget to set those goals and make it happen!! *happy running {happy fitness] happy health*

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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