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Thursday, December 20, 2012

26 for 26

{26 miles for 26 angels}
Last night, I jumped on the saddle, and spinned my heart out, 26 miles in 1:15.

I've been so heartbroken with the tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary. And, while I tried to avoid the media on it. I did come across a few stories of the victims.
I found peace with myself during the spin. Being so hard on myself a busy week. Realizing that the big things on my list weren't that big. Reminding myself, that the little things matter the most.

{winter wonderland; snow day}
I mentioned snow on a previous post. Well, we received roughly 5-6 inches yesterday!! We woke up to a winter wonderland, and it snowed all day long!! I received a call around 5am from Leanna's school reporting 'snow day'. We spent about an hour outdoors, the girls made snow angels, got crazy with a snow ball fight, made lil snowmen, even ate snow [yea, like a snowcone]. And, then rushed indoors for warmth and hot cocoa. It was just perfect, and I was happy spending every single second with them. It was special for me. I grew up in Texas, snow was never apart of our crazy [unpredictable] weather conditions. So, I'm just amazed when I see it, and I just stare outdoors watching it.

Spinning 26 miles set my heart on fire, on fire for peace & comfort, for the families affected. Motherhood is the best [amazing] experience in my life, an ever-growing one. I'll always be a mother to my 3 precious girls, always. And, I'm thankful for that;

{the view from here}

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