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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

happy 12•12•12!!

It's a significant date. Not the end of the world. It's the last time we will have digits repeat. Get after something!

And, it's a date where I woke up and decided against a {12k double jogger} RUN because my foot was still feeling achy. And, I definitely wasn't going to get on the treadmill. And, I know exactly why. Better to be safe than sorry. Along with allergies kicking my but and sore throat. Ugh.

In 2012, I learned to {really} listen to my body. Don't get me wrong I pushed through some pain, at times. And, sometimes, I got away with it, other times I wasn't so lucky. That's alright, there were more rest days to recover. I'm Thankful I did not need surgery!!

I also recently took a new direction from my planned out fitness calendar. I stopped Turbofire, at week 5, this week. Since, I missed a few days in week 4. It's a fabulous beachbody program! I sat and thought hard. And, felt happy at the thought of just going home and having a "vacation" with running and {basic} strength training. A vacation, where I could sleep in {yeah, right! a mama can daydream}, and run 'whenever' in those 16 days. Like, the half-marathon along the Galveston sea wall, the morning after I arrive. I have a new start day for Turbofire in 2013...and I'm totally happy with my decision!

Spinned 12.12 miles in 39:42!

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