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Friday, November 30, 2012

Memory Run

It's been tough to think about but I did and waited until the end of the month. I'm talking about the virtual race, November Run to Remember.

I chose to run two 5k's, to challenge myself. First one was on the treadmill, yesterday morning. It started off slow, and I thought about, was all the memories of my dad, we last saw each other, May 2010. It was before we headed back to CA after a little vacation. He was due to head to visit his mother and siblings in Mexico a few weeks later. And, that's where things would forever change. It was tough to continue to think of the aftermath. I continued and finished strong; 5k in 37:23.

Today, as the rain continued to pour, I didn't let it discourage me. I was EXCITED, I was READY! There's nothing more exhilarating, the adrenaline rush!! At about a mile, the rain picked up and I just kept on, even past a group of marines running and chanting. I felt powerful, running in the rain with a double jogger, total badass mother runner! And, a huge challenge!! You can't beat that. I kept pushing myself and had to walk the crazy hills back to my housing community. It was fabulous and I thought how proud my dad would be, he'd always praise me in my achievements. I finished strong; 5k in 41:33.

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