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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Heart 5k Fun Run

My legs weren't done for the day.
My original plan was to dual my miles from this mornings race ....but....
my legs wanted MORE! So, after a yummy lunch of roasted veggies/chicken and baby girls naptime was over, Mama laced up her running shoes and we headed to the gym.

Uhmm, I might of still have been wearing this morning running gear, yep!
I pinned on my race bib for the Thankful Heart 5k Fun Run hosted by our fabulous MRTT Chapter Leader over at Pretty Little Loser. Oohhh, I finally met up with her this morning, it's been a few months since we actually saw each other. We've still been busy running, just different times and routes. I also met another MRTT member. We've got some busy running mama's. I've missed hosting the morning MRTT Runs but have been having a hard time kicking the sickness off completely. Boo!

I was pretty happy to be able to get back out for a run. And, throughout the entire run, all I was thinking was, I'm thankful for these legs. I'm also thankful for my determination, my heart, my love for running. It's grown drastically over the last few years. I still remember only jogging, as a release, my escape, after a busy day w/a full-time job and as a college student. That was, literally, 10 years ago!! I was a little 18 year old, going into my own., I'm balancing my running with the day to day of motherhood. I love it, and I woulnd't change it.

I logged in my 5k in 37:18
2 minute warm-up and cool-down

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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