From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

in sickness & in health...

I've been trying to lay "low" to kick this sickness out of my system.  I pushed myself on Monday for an elliptical workout & November [daily] challenge. And, I've been struggling since then. Yesterdays severe headache had me limited, pushed through the morning school madness but took it easy at home. It's mostly allergy-related but those headaches are NO JOKE, and my voice is all scratchy! Booo!! I even received the TURBOFIRE package but it was stuck, since the mail key wasn't working.

TODAY was up & down. UNTIL, I received a knock at the door and there it was, TURBOFIRE!!

I was EXCITED!! I wanted to jump into it immediately but waited....until naptime. Haha. Even, Ailea and Serena were excited to see what was in the package. I just wanted to "see", I quickly changed into workout gear and laced up my shoes. BOOM!! Just like that, I did DAY 1!! Whoooaaaaaa, she was something else. I'm the least coordinated person you will ever meet. And, that was my BIGGEST challenge, not the workout, keeping up with the fast, intense, moving routine. I LOVE the kickboxing aspect, surprisingly the squats didn't cause knee pain; YAYYY!!! I was SWEATING by the end of it. I'm REALLY liking that woman, she is spunky, the music was good, the workout was killer! I won't kick off the program until I complete my last few weeks of Les Mills Pump!! And, the last few weeks aren't as intense, sooo, that works with kicking this current sickness I have going in. 90 days is still pretty intimidating. There's no turning back now!! 

I was so PUMPED from Turbofire, that I wanted to get out for some 'stennis miles'.
So, right after Serena woke up from naptime, they snacked and then we headed out to the gym. I was pushing it close because Leanna was due to be off school soon. My first mile went pretty fast, 10:32, but then I noticed a little someone had climbed on the furniture. STOP. And, then back to it, I started off slower, lost my momentum and just gave it an easy go. It was also my FIRST time in running shorts outside the house. And, running in them. Different. They held up, there was still some 'jiggle' but I didn't mind it. I still got my run on. 
Finished Strong at 2 Miles in 22:40
"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. Nice!! Great stuff! That looks like a well-worth it dvd!