From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Runner's Rant

Happy Running Y'all!

Happy Veteran's Day to our special man. He is on deployment, serving his country, and we are SO proud!! He was a veteran when I met him, almost 10 years ago. And, I've continued to stay by his side in support. It's not always full of smiles but we get through it. He is making his career a big one, and we have never discouraged him. We are SO lucky to have him in our lives. Show appreciation to all veterans, not just today, those who served, are serving or made the ultimate sacrifice. 

*cough, couch*
Yep, I'm still fighting the virus; yuck!! And, guess what I pushed past it and RAN! 
Baby girls were up and at it, EARLY, 7 am on a Sunday. I was TIRED! Especially, after baby girl hardly slept, she was up between 11pm-1am. Grabbed my cup of coffee, woke up, got into my running gear and out the door we went at 9am!! (of course after breakfast, getting the girls dressed). This has been the only "break", I have had since Friday.....Yay!!
[Treadmill view; Happy Girls]

I set the treadmill at 60 minutes, I was ready to give my legs a good beating!! I was HAPPY to have an empty gym, and I left the lights OFF!! There was a few stops, I was coughing and had to visit a trash can, Yuck!! The girls kept fairly content with playing however, there were a few times that  I had to grab the girls attention, and stop them from climbing or fighting.  

I was sweating HARD, I was running HARD.
Logged in 5 miles in 60 minutes!!

 I needed this LONG Run, needed to shake the legs up after all of Saturday's driving. 
We had a FABULOUS time at the Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream Show!! 
I'm definitely looking forward to next years line-up!!!

The Week Ahead; I've tweaked my fitness calendar!! I start TURBOFIRE tomorrow!! And, it's week 12 of Les Mills Pump, ALMOST DONE!! And, I have some catching up to do for the November [Daily] Challenge. This sickness won't derail me this week, it's in for a fight.
Now, for some REST!! 

 "Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. Ur working out with a virus.. ur very inspiring! My weight loss is going well.. have lost 2 kgs.. feels good!