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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Muddy Mama

Talk about bussaaayyyyy!!!

Up like a normal day getting my girls ready. I Dropped off my girls at my friends place and headed to the Extreme K MUD RUN!! It was at a farm, spotted a few loose chicken roaming and horses nearby. I had the FIRST WAVE, 9AM!! And, it was COLD, I wore my Texas Longhorns Shirt to represent!!! Hook Em'! I was freezing during the wait. They announced to have tape on shoes and gloves on, I had neither!!! I've never used them in the past 2 mud runs. I was a little worried, okay, a lot!! So, I squatted down to tighten them!! 

"Run, walk, slip, slide, crawl and climb your way through this wooded, muddy, insane, U. S. Marine tested, 5K, obstacle-filled course for the first ever Extreme K Mud Run!"

This was the FIRST time in a LONG time, that I had a SOLO run, and in the woody-made trails. Can you imagine my excitement!? I was taking it easy, not trying to wreck my knee, and I felt AMAZING!! Did I mention, I had NO COFFEE (DAY 5)!! Whoa; I was full of adrenaline!! I managed to conquer all but 3 major obstacles. And, I'm PROUD, those were the ones that looked the most "dangerous" for my knee. Especially the crazy slide, that left another mudder runner with a broken leg/ankle. I was actually going to go for it, I was the 2nd in line, and then she yelled!! I opted out and went down the slope via ROPE. Agh!! The obstacle course was really spread out, through the woods, MUD, farmlands,....I LOVE IT!! It was alittle bittersweet seeing men in uniform, reminded me of my husband. ::sniff, sniff::

I got some fabulous SWAG; including a dog tag, "I survived Extreme K Mud Run", and Tech Shirt!! I washed off my shoes and dropped them in the donation pile. I was a Happy Muddy Mama!! I had to rush as soon as I could, SOCCER MAMA MODE!! Yep, I changed out my muddy top for a dry one and still was filthy of mud, DRY MUD!! My girl did AWESOME today rotating between player and goalie. She made 2 goals and blocked a few too. We are SO proud of her. And, I adore when she cheers on every goal from her team and the opposing team. True Team Spirit!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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