From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for?

Tonight, I am thankful for a wonderful support system!!

From family to still breastfeeding to school to work to military life to fitness...I've got it all covered. 
And, I'm very thankful for those that are apart it. Lately, I have started to re-read, Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives. It's an excellent book, and I kind of read through it before deployment started and didn't digest it properly. Now, I've got a new outlook into reading it and I am identifying to it, open-heartily.

Some days,  some weeks become overwhelming, but like many others, I get through it. No matter what. I sometimes go harder in a workout routine, or spend more quality time with my girls. Remember, I have 3 girls; 6, 3, 1, all demanding ages, all different personalities, each needing my attention. With daddy on deployment, it's be ROUGH, giving them each my all. Juggling different roles, motherhood be the most demanding of them all. I have my good/bad days, days I felt as if I've failed, others I am on that super mama high. My husband is continuously praising me, reminding me that I do A LOT, a lot that other mama's might now do. I am very  much involved with them, from an early age teach them, opening their creativity, showing them the world is an adventure. I haven't stopped enjoying myself just because my husband is away. I'll be honest there has been several days, that I do breakdown with emotions because I do miss him. And, that's completely fine. I've seen many other military spouses via facebook groups, express misery, express how life sucks without there other half home. What I don't see is how they are enjoying their children or themselves. How miserable is that? A waste of time, if you ask me. I make the best of life while he is away or at least I try by hardest. I've embraced the deployment, I've set goals, I've planned out months, outtings for my girls, I've made things happen to keep us distracted. Later, this year we will be traveling to Texas for the Winter Break, it's going to be our first time flying from Washington an my first time traveling with my 3 girls. It's going to be pretty memorable. And, I am totally looking forward to it. We get to spend Christmas with family, I get to RUN a lot and just enjoy time in Texas.

When, it comes to fitness, it's also been challenging but I have put myself out there with friends via the world wide web, they have been apart of my journey, they have seen my success, they have seen Rosanna WORK her ASS off to get her body back after kids. And, they have become INSPIRED, some have jumped on and off, others have had their own success stories, and some are back with me. This brings me to a story in the book,Conquering Resentment, ....... "How can I serve others this week?" No matter how challenged I am in my life, I have to get myself out of that and move forward. I'm self-motivated, a go getta, a woman on the go. And, that's one reason I started setting up bootcamps, started this past April, for fellow military spouses, it's been off/on with our husbands schedules and recently with my knee injury. I'm happy to say, that it's back on the calendar this week. In September, once school started, I began hosting weekly run with Moms Run This Town, another way to keep myself busy and moving, to motivate other moms. Other wives know that I love all things fitness-related, they know I have 3 little ones, and know that I am always ready to get busy. 

Getting crafty, staying social. Those things people already know I enjoy, plan. And, it's been happening lately. We've got our second {eat.craft.drink} event coming up; Pie & Mug Swap!!

One of the chapters that caught my attention early on was, In Everything GIVE THANKS. 
And, I do that often. I am thankful for many things throughout the day. I don't take things for granted, most especially, the time with my girls. I know that on the other side of the ocean, my husband, is missing them. He is making us proud and doing his job which he loves. The deployment factor isn't permanent and we survive. We are proud of our sailor, we are thankful for him.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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