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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday RunDay!

Mama was on the Run this morning!! I laced up my running shoes, loaded up baby girls in the double jogger and turned up the tunes for a fabulous morning [base] run!!

It was a FOGGY morning and we even caught a little drizzle halfway through. I made a quick stop at the Base Redbox to get my girl a rental. She was happy, and they enjoyed the views ahead! It was actually the first time I took them along on the particular route. It's usually a route for SOLO Runs, since it's along the base roadways but we kept as far from the road, as the pavement allowed. I felt AMAZING, not much pain on my knee, however, my foot was a little annoyed so, I kept easing off of it with a couple of "slow" paced intervals and was easy on the hills. Oh, those hills, can't avoid them in Washington. We logged in 3.27 Boo! Miles in 44:18.

[Foggy Morning]

 [There's the hill that got my knee a few months ago]

[Fabulous Fall Colors!]

[Feeling SUPER & SWEATY!!]

[Happy Mail; Received the BLING for the Boo! Half-Marathon]

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. great run this morning! love the medal! thats so fun! congrats! (: