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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This or That?

Here goes it..

1. Coffee or Tea?
I do both, wake up with coffee, maybe 2. Chai Latte can go in the mix. My favorite teas are Green Tea with a little honey and Chai Green Tea w/a little honey. Yum!!

2. Morning or Evening Workouts?
Lately, I have flipped flopped. Since, the weather has been COLD, I've been having a harder time waking up to get my workouts in, so I've done them in the evenings, after my girls are in bed.

3. Spinning to Music or TV?? It really depends on my mood, sometimes I'll watch something on my DVR, sometimes, I just want to turn up the music!!

4. Cravings: Sugar or Sweet?
Lately, it's been SWEETS. Go figure, since there is Halloween candy all over the house.

5. Jumping Jacks or Standing Mountain Climbers?
Dude, both of them are killer!! However, SMC are crazier, works the core too!!

6. Tony Horton or Shaun T?
Shaun T is Bananas, yo!

7. Living Room or Garage Workout?
Garage but I still take it indoors.

8. Weights or Kettle Bells?
Both are awesome for an overall workout. I've been a bar kind-of-girl for the last 9 weeks. 
I have picked up the kb for some halo's and russian twists. 

9. Smoothies or Juices?
Hmmm, smoothies are my friend. And, I kind of want to venture into the juicing world but I'm not in a hurry. And, I actually haven't had a smoothie in a few week. STILL on the search for a perfect blender. :D

10. Butt Kicks or High Kicks?
Wheww, High Kicks!

Go, go, go; Answer them yourself.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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