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Monday, October 29, 2012

"Running the Gulf" 615 [deployment] Miles!

If y'all know me by now, y'all know I love CHALLENGES!!

And, now I jumped into a hefty challenge. The MWR STENNIS, announced their, "Running the Gulf", by running/elliptical 615 miles until the end of deployment. Sweet, right!?

What does this mama do on a Monday, laced up her running shoes, and headed to the gym after snack time. It was a CRAZY WINDY morning, leaves were flying everywhere, grounds were covered in fabulous colors. My girls were loving the walk to the gym, KIDS RUN THIS TOWN MILES!! I patiently waited for a treadmill, I stretched while those other joggers did their thing, and 30 minutes later it was time. Luckily, my girls were pretty content during that wait and while I went running. There were a few walking intervals and I kept pushing myself, I aimed for a 5k but decided to keep going. I was pouring sweat, like major, I stinky sweat. My bondi band was soaked, as was my shirt. 
Finished Strong; 3.84 in 40 minutes. 

I've created a document to log in my 'stennis miles'. I'm excited for this 'deployment distraction' and love racking up those miles. There's a game plan in motion too, and I'm pretty excited!! Now, to get my husband on this challenge!! 
JOIN IN; it'll be a nice distraction. You know you want to RUN!! :D

Geez! Time flew by today, It's almost time to go pick up my oldest from school. After, my run, we came home, prepared lunch, cleaned, got the girls down for naptime. And, then got busy LIFTING for week 10/day 1 of Les Mills Pump. Whewww, my upper arm was sore from this morning Flu Shot but I got it done!! I definitely earned my mid-day shower, I was a SWEATY HOT MESS!! Now, to continue my cleaning frenzy, tonight Mama gets to R-E-L-A-X!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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