From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The week ahead...

While folding laundry, I kept thinking of the week's a BUSSAAYYYY one!!

And, tonight's craft project was just perfect. 
My latest craze in my creative crafts; Wood!!

Back to the week ahead; along with the daily craziness of 3 girls & household duties.
Week 8 of Les Mills Pump/Kickbox Combo. Morning errands with my baby girls. Coffee dates. Orientation. Meeting for Volunteers for Fall Festival. Spinning for Recovery Week. Double School Mornings Tuesday and Thursday. Moms Run This Town FIRST Virtual Race; The Cupcake Classic 5k. Fall Festival Prep. Soccer Practice. FRG Meeting. Hosting FIRST {Eat. Craft. Drink} Event. Soccer Game. Fall Festival Event. 

I'm thankful for busy-filled weeks. These are the kind of weeks that make me forget about deployment. It gets rough some days, I break down in tears, I miss my husband, my partner in parenthood, my best friend. I have to keep on keeping on for myself and my girls. Because they miss their daddy just as much. We have some special crafts we are working on to add to his care package. Special for him, he is a family man, the most amazing father.
Hurry, deployment, be over already!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"


  1. hey hun,
    i found you via a comment on mama laughlin's page. i'm an army wife, husband deployed a few years ago and was just away at training most of the summer. we recently joined him here at fort jackson for a few months...anyways, i'm so sorry your hubby is deployed. i'm sure you miss him and i know it's hard. there's a HUGE mil spouse blog community out there. i don't blog much anymore, but i have a 200 member follower list, most of which are mil spouse bloggers, if you want to check my old blog out:
    add me on Facebook, let's chat anytime you need.

  2. also, i hope you don't think my offer of friendship is insincere because i sell wraps - and was originally contacting you because of those (cellulite comment - the wraps get rid of cellulite) i am genuinely wanting to be friends. i KNOW it's hard to be a military wife. xo