From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Super Saturday!

Whewww!! Time to catch a breather!! 

And, I just finished up a few craft projects; Boo Blocks & decorating my little pumpkin. 
I also finished up my "leaf" for the special project, apart of my Social Committee planning. Each family can participate by making a leaf (I shared a template) and getting creative including a photo of their family, children, to send to their sailor. A fabulous family tree. I'll share it later, once my sailor receives his. We will be doing a special project for each season until their homecoming. Being Social Chair is PERFECT since I love all things crafting and social scenes!! 

We had a RAINY day, SO happy that weather is back!!
I was woken up before my alarm by my baby girls, we snuck downstairs and watched Steel Magnolias before Leanna woke up, around 8. We got breakfast going and then started to get ready for our first RAINY SOCCER GAME!!!  

I'm that Soccer Mama who stands the entire game, cheering on her player, while running around after my other two kiddos. I'm snapping photo's, taking videos to share with husband.  My girl was on FIRE today, keeping her feet moving, blocking goals, I AM PROUD!! And, even though husband is MILES, ocean away, I can HEAR his excitement via emails. He is rooting for his girl too and is SO happy she is continuously improving. 

I didn't squeeze in my Boo! Miles today, instead I took my girls out for a surprise, PUMPKIN PATCH!! They were SO excited!! And, got busy in the Pumpkin Patch finding that 'perfect' pumpkin. I snapped TONS of photo's, as I do often for our memories, to share with family, and husband. Today, most especially because it was my FIRST time going to an ACTUAL pumpkin patch, so I was beyond EXCITED!! We did some serious walking, exploring the farm, corn maze, animals. It was GREAT MEMORY and I am totally looking forward to making another visit  next fall as a COMPLETE family!! 

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"


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