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Friday, October 12, 2012

Runner's Rant!

Whoop! Whoop!! 

Mama got out for a morning run, it's been a FABULOUS week of RUNNING!! I'm back on a routine and I am loving every single second of it!! The moment my feet hit the pavement, trail, whatever terrain it is!! I've logged in 10.39 Miles thus far!! WHOOHOOO!!

As soon as Leanna crossed the street to the school gate, I popped in my earbuds, turned up the tunes (Mumford & Sons latest album) and got to RUNNING!!
I RAN 4 Boo! MILES in 56:05!!! One more RUN this weekend and will complete the Virtual Boo! Half-Marathon!! Whoop! Whoop!! I haven't had a "long" run since August, it was killer with the double jogger. Whewww, Mama got it done!!!

We headed out on the roadways, it's a fantastic warm-up with a slight incline. 
There's those hills that I can't avoid, any which way I go!
After all, we are in Washington, duh!!
I kept it "easy" on the hills, a little struggle!
I have a need for speed.

 Yep, I pushed [BURNING Arms & Glutes] UPHILL and it was HARDCORE!!
 Took it through the trails for the last mile stretch!
 Cool down with a view on the way home!
I just can't get enough of these views!!
Today, I received a fabulous package from my MUG SWAP partner!!
Loving all the cuteness!!
She was super thoughtful to add some things for my girls!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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