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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!

It's officially the FIRST DAY OF FALL!! 

Washington was greeted with a Fabulous Rainy, Gloomy Cold Day yesterday. And, I loved every. single. second of it. Why? Well, there's been SUNSHINE all SUMMER LONG, literally.
And, I loved that too. I really did but longed for the rain. I'm a southern girl, growing up in Texas with thunderstorms and rainfall is something I loved, still do. And, after the last few duty stations; Hawaii, San Diego, China Lake (3 yrs of dry desert, rare rainfall), I was beyond happy to move to the place that some have called "depressing". Not, depressing to me at all. 

I was motivated to get outdoors for a RUN with my girls in the double jogger. My body has adjusted to this cooler weather and I prefer to run in it. And, we logged 2 miles, Run Faster, Mama! Now, as fall quickly approaches, I've got a running schedule lined up, along with Moms Run This Town Meetups & Bootcamps. I might just incorporate both in one Meetup some weeks, depending on the mother runners. I understand that not everyone will not embrace the cooler, rainy weather as I do. But I sure hope they can change their minds just a bit, even if it's a "controlled" run around the track. I've got a few routes lined up with the double/single jogger. My 3 year old recently started preschool on Tuesday & Thursdays, so that's give me some SOLO time with my baby girl. She is going to love it. I don't want to spend the entire 2 hours just running, so I'm planning to dedicate one hour, maybe 30minutes to a RUN and the rest to her. I'm excited! Are y'all excited!? Fall is such a FABULOUS Season, especially in the Pacific Northwest. There's LOTS to do around here and plenty that will keep us entertained while husband is on deployment. It's the second year in a row that he is missing out on. 

Here's an AMAZING Photo shared on September 20, via U.S. Pacific Fleet FB page; My Husband is on the USS John C. Stennis and it's the huge carrier at the back end of the photo. My girls were SO happy to SEE what daddy is doing, instead of listening to me say it. I  LOVE IT!

Hello, 101th POST; WOW!!


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Stay Tuned Y'all!! Have a Fabulous Fitness-Filled Day; Happy Running!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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