From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Day, Folks!!

I'll just say THANK YOU again to the RUNNING GODS!! 
My legs were certainly feeling sore last night, 2 days of Running felt AMAZING!!
And, then add this mornings [Week 3] Les Mills Pump Workout; Ouch!! 
Lifting 35lbs on the bar, add in squats, deadlifts, clean & presses...
Walking upstairs and lifting baby girl is making me SMILE BIG!!

This morning, I saw a post for this weekends Virtual 9/11 Memorial #Anywhere5k; I was a WINNER for a $15 Gift Certificate for RoadID from the; AWESOME!! 
And, then I remember I also had WON a prize from the Virtual Scavenger Hunt & 5k hosted by Running for Dummies, a fabulous running skirt. 
It's not about winning, but who doesn't love something new. 
The real WINNING came from RUNNING with NO PAINS!!

I haven't mentioned it much because it makes me a little sad, honestly. 
My knee hasn't be the same since that KILLER hill a few weeks ago.
I had been self-mending and finally decided to get it checked, last Thursday.
They referred me to Sports Medicine for possible rehab, looks like I might have a meniscus tear. It's only been random pains on random runs. Not too often. Doc didn't rule out running completely, however, said to take it easy, and pace myself, which I had been doing. And, just when my race schedule was picking up. It's not bringing me down.

My Baby Girl had a check-up, and is still my itty bitty at 20lbs 2 oz at 19 months!!
Ailea is almost 25 lbs, pretty insane who they are so close in weight. And, I feel it!

WooHoo, received some HAPPY MAIL; finally!! The vinyl for Moms Run This Town and The Great Cupcake Race Medal!! Way to start a Fabulous Week

Tonight, I'll hit the ELLIPTICAL for some bedtime miles!! Mama needs to get moving, and this will helppppp...

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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