From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday RunDay!!

It was a Bussayyyyy Morning!!! Up at 6, got 40minutes of Lifting & Abs in w/Les Mills Pump!! Cleaned up and got ready. 
And, then came the craziness of getting all 3 girls going w/morning routine. 
I have a FIRST GRADER y'all!!!
She was nervous & excited and hearing her daddy's voice over the phone made all the difference. We miss that man of ours.
Same thing happened last year, her daddy was away and gave her a call.
We walked our girl into her classroom and got her settled. She was pretty excited!
School starts at 9 in Washington, later than what we were used to.
After, the drop off, we went back home, grabbed our water & snacks to headed out for 10AM Moms Run This Town Meetup, there was already a few cancellations, it was a pretty hectic day with school. I'll admit I purposely scheduled it on this day, so it would distract us from the first day of school. We had a Mama show up, a friend actually, and we got to catch up. At 17 weeks pregnant, she was rocking the running intervals! She is one awesome mother runner!

Baby Girls Ready to Roll

Seen on our Run

We logged in 2.35 Miles in 1:01:20.
Fabulous Weather; Conversation; Fabulous Run!!

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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