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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Routine

Today's Bootcamp was CHALLENGING, besides the actual routine.
My girls did. not. give. me. space. They had no other kids to play with either. Bummer.
It wasn't pretty, I had been super pumped about this particular bootcamp because I REALLY loved the routine I had planned. And, we didn't complete it thoroughly, I think I'll have to share it again. It had intense plank variations for shoulder, core and legs. Oh, I loved it all. 
I was already hurting from yesterday PUMP session and 30 min on the elliptical.  It. was. worth. it
We worked through it, with pauses for chatting or to take my children OFF of ME! Whew!!
Now, I'm of to SPIN my 9.11 Miles in Memorial of 9/11.  I did the same last year. Never forgotten.

Bootcamp Babes

It went a little something like this;

·        Plank hold
·        1 arm pushups (alternating)
·        hold one side and give me 10 in a row other side
·        spider pushups (1 arm and 1 leg out from plank and pushup) alternating
·        hold one side and give me 5 then hold it low for 5 sec.  - other side
·        Plank walk ups to  with hands from feet to plank (fast as you can go)
·        shoulder pushups hold last one down and pulse then bust out a few more
·        -Plank walks left to right (the width of your mat)
·        side plank holds  -other side
·        Power plank to pushups
·        plank drops
·        30 pushups to finish

·        Core: 20 reps/10 slow
·        Russian twits
·        v-sit
·        butt lifts
·        crunches
·        scissors
·        leg lifts
·        bicycle
·        side v-sit leg raises (each side)
·        circle push ups
Legs: 2 rounds
·         Jog on spot
·         jumping jacks
·         skaters
·         power jack squats
LOW SQUATS (back straight as you can when you get really low)

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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