From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reflecting back on 8 years!!

Whoop! Whoop!!

This Mama is 2.2 lbs DOWN, currently at 158!! BEST ANNIVERSARY GIFT EVER!! I weighed in at 165 just before he left, 28 days ago. It's a big deal, since I've been back on the weight loss journey. I was 147 mid-February and my new "deployment goal" is at 140. Giving myself a little leeway to gain and not beat myself up. Of course, it's not all about weight loss, I am seeing the toning of my arms, once again. In my legs too, over all really. Les Mills Pump is doing it again. Week 5 starts tomorrow!! 

Back to the weight gaining drama!
That's right I said, my military wifey's know it. With homecoming, usually comes some weight gain, husbands back home, home-coooking, dining out, late night grubbing. You know all the stuff you avoided during that deployment. It happened to me and while I didn't necessarily care when it was happening, I was actually enjoying it, I didn't enjoy the gaining weight from birth control though. And, it's finally shedding off. Thank Goodness!!! 

 I'm also celebrating 8 years of marriage, 8 years y'all!! And, as a military spouse to a husband who has had a VERY demanding schedule in the last, almost 2 years. That's a pretty big deal. I mean, being a sailor is pretty demanding, especially on the Stennis, his current back to back deployment hit me hard but I love that my man. And, stand behind him 110%. If anything, it's made our marriage stronger, I don't base it on the military lifestyle, more of parenting, partnership...all that mushy stuff. I can't wait to have him back, really.can't.wait.

He's been with me since my slimmest, at 145 before marriage. I got careless and comfortable there after. Even though, I worked out, almost daily with a full-time job and college. I still let myself go. Stupid. I remember moving to Hawaii, in September 2005 and being in the 170s. He 's said, he hardly recognized me. I easily gained 15lbs while working/drinking (oh, to be a 21 yr old again), in 3 months. Yes, I can't believe it either. That was wreckless. So, being pier side at homecoming was nothing but uncomfortable.

 I began working out once I got settled into Hawaii, he was there too but honestly I wasn't feeling it, especially since I was pregnant with my first kiddo. You know how that can go. She gave me insane morning sickness and I was pretty miserable for 3 months.  m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e.

Hello, San Diego. A new duty station, July 2006. And, Having a baby a month after moving into a new State was rough. And, single parenting a new born was harder since he was out to sea A LOT. I hardly new what I was doing, I thought I was prepared. I was wrong. He then then left for deployment when Leanna was about 6 months old. I started somewhat of a routine but it wasn't enough. Running with jogger, walking, pilates. And then came another homecoming. I don't even think I had lost any baby weight, I was actually "comfortable" with that then. 
That.was.crazy. y'all! 

[March 2007]

[Oct 2007]

[Dec 2007]

Hello, China Lake!! Moving again, to a super secluded area, had me motivated to lose weight before we started for baby #2.  I found a newly started "stroller strides" group, May 2008 and went every week, every week. I even started a weight loss meetup with a few other Mama's on the weight loss journey, we'd walk/jog/run to the gym on base for a workout. I lost about 15lbs. Once, the pregnancy symptoms started with super nausea I stopped stroller strides in November. I tried to keep up with daily walks, or evening walks with the family.
[August 2008]

[October 2008]

Fast-Forward to 6 weeks post-baby August 2009,I started to hit the gym; fitness classes like Spin, BOSU, Body Sculpting. I reached my lowest (then) at 154, at 8 months post-baby.  It was far from easy, trying to juggle a new baby, a preschooler, in home daycare business. It was ROUGH waking up at 4AM to nurse Ailea and then hit the gym for a run, spin, or elliptical workout. And, then adding evening classes was my outlet, I found energy and got it done. It did the job and I loved it.

[March 2009; 154 lbs at 8 Months Post-Ailea]

[Baby #3 in the oven; June 2009]

After an AWESOME [SUCCESSFUL] WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY, what do you think happened??! We turned around and got pregnant with baby #3. Oh, what a HUGE surprise!! And, of course it started all over, trying to hold on to a fitness routine while pregnant. And, then getting back at it after baby arrived. Hello, Baby Serena!!

[Hiking w/baby Girls; April 2011]

 There wasn't much time to get a routine going since we were due to move AGAIN, but this time we were going to Texas for 4 1/2 months, during the Summer. Yay and Boo!! It was tough. My runs happened LATE, I started several different routines, sprained my ankle, bought a spin bike...reached 154 lbs at 4 1/2 months POST-BABY!! 

[July 2011]

[August 2011]

Hello, Washington!! Once, we moved to our current duty station, he left a month later, Nov 2011. That left me to once again juggle this fitness business with 3 girls in tow. I did it. I ran, spinned, walked, worked out, lifted, started running races. Did it all!
In February 2012, I reached another MAJOR weigh loss milestone; 147 lbs!!!

[Dec 2011]
Treadmill Running

[January 2012]
First 10k

 [March 2011]
5k in the Snow

[April 2012]
5k with my family

[May 2012]
Color Runned with my girls on Mother's Day

[July 2012]
First Half-Marathon

[Even Leanna gets in on the action; Little Runner Girl]  

[July 2012]
Mud Run

I run, hike, walk on several types of terrain; pavement, trails, anywhere! 

So, as I reflect on the last 8 years of marriage and weight loss challenges. I can't say I "really" had excuses just a few obstacles. We all have them. We all have husband who deploys,....oh wait. No we don't. So, there's no excuse to not claim your body back from whatever it is. Pregnancy, depression, eating too much, lack of motivation, anything. If you've got the drive and dedication, make it happen. The last 8 years of marriage have opened my eyes, as a mother and wife, there's always time for Rosanna to take time to herself. It wasn't something I realized early on but I certainly take "my time" each day, I'd say, it makes me a better person to them. every.single. day.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"


  1. Amazing I love seeing your story. However, my favorite picture is definitely the Color Run with your girls on Mothers Day. What an awesome way to spend the day, working out with your family!