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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moms Run This Town!!

Thursday Talk about it!!

Today, I hosted my SECOND Moms Run This Town Morning Meetup, we had about 7 Mother Runners RSVP'd and between last night and this morning, there was just me & another Mama!! No biggie. She is a friend, we've ran together, without kids before. So, we caught up.

We had a FABULOUS Time, there was FABULOUS weather, we chatting and keeping our little ones entertained during our Run with the Double Joggers!! There was a few tantrums on my end, my girls were up WAY TOO EARLY, baby girl was up at 5:20 and then she woke up big sisters around 6:15. Talk about being a Mama on the go!! Whewww!!
 [Peek A Boo, I see a tired one year old]
 [From Pavement to Trails we had it covered]
[Not too bad for running with double joggers]
After our 4.37 Mile Run (with walking intervals), we headed to the waterfront park to let the kiddos play and then walked to a local bakery for lunch. First Time visiting this little place and I loved it!! It's naptime, and early dismissal at 1:55pm for my girl. Going to squeeze in my Les Mills Pump Hardcore Abs & Flow, then shower. Work on some Fabulous Fall Crafts & then Tonight is OPEN HOUSE and our girl is READY to have us over.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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