From Weight-Loss to Running; Fitness Journey of a Busy Mama to 3

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 17; Favorite Workout Routine

Share your favorite workout routine.
Well, this should be interesting, because I don't have ONE Favorite, Working out is "my thing", I LOVE doing it. Each one of my MANY routines is ENJOYABLE, and WORTH IT!! Here's my share and why.

 I LOVE feeling the pavement or trail underneath my feet during a RUN. It doesn't matter where the Run starts, but I most always prefer the outdoors!! I LOVE exploring, the nature, the beauty of it. I LOVE that I've meet SO many Mother Runners. Even, getting involved with a local group, and planning group runs. I LOVE the results I've earned over the past year, from finding peace to weight loss to racing to this blog as another outlets. It's had SO many benefits in my life. Even, my girls LOVE to RUN with Mama, or watch Mama Run, talk about Mama Running, and ask when I'm going to another Race. Leanna has a race under her belt. It's a beautiful thing y'all!
Running in the Rain. Running with Snow Falling.

  Running/Crawling in the Mud

 Running with my Girls. They LOVE it too!! Another Workout I LOVE. Finishing a Race with my girls cheering alongside. 
Running with the Double Jogger. We are a family that RUNS!! 
Leanna has a race under her belt.

I LOVE when my booty BURNS during a SPIN Session;  the way my legs feel strong with each [standing] pedal and the sweatfest. I LOVE that one of my goals for next year is to become CERTIFIED as a Spin Instructor. I LOVE that others have given Spin a go and also loved the SORE/BURN it gave. It's pretty amazing!

 I LOVE that I LIFT the bar with 30+lbs, during deadlifts, squats, lunges, clean & press, rows, overheard shoulder press, etc during Les Mills Pump. It made my BICEPS pop during my first round. The REP EFFECT is Insane. And, I'm pretty excited I found a pair of 7.5lbs to add to my collection!! Also, excited to complete another round, 13 weeks!!


I LOVE the short week I spent "digging deep" with INSANITY; the way the sweat dripped during his infamous routines of Plyo, Cardio and I'm looking forward to Restarting the Program this Winter. This is definitely one INSANE Routine, everyone knows it!!

 I LOVE how I feel my CORE getting stronger with each Rep while on the BOSU and how much my balance has improved on it.  And, I LOVE how my girls think it's the coolest thing ever using it as a balancing toy for themselves and bouncy ball off the couch. It doesn't happen often, only when I pull it out of for a workout. 

I LOVE the way YOGA stretches my body out and how I take time to listen to my body during the routine. You can't go wrong with Bob or Jillian.

 Oh, those Kettlebells, the sweetest Valentine's Gift from my Man, the make it happen, I LOVE it!! Even the Kettle bells are a workout I LOVE!!! 

 I absolutely LOVE how, I have almost every single of Jillian Micheal's Workout DVD and always go it for a Killer Workout. She knows what's up from Killer Buns to Kickboxing to Kettle bells. 

Can't forget the great outdoors. I LOVE the idea of getting other Mama's together, for a "bootcamp" style workout and letting the kiddo's play and participate. There was NO excuse (other than weather, then it would be indoors)!!! So, I started while ship was on deployment and now, I'm looking forward to resuming classes, this time with Amazing locations. What kid doesn't LOVE to explore their surrounding?!?! Mine sure do!! I've got my fitness calendar filling up between Running, Meetups, and Bootcamp. Helping other Ladies shed lbs, start a routine, get moving, get fit, keep busy. 

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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