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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 8; Worst Injury I've had

Question 8: Worst injury every had?

Aghhh, INJURIES SUCK!!!! Last summer, I was run, run, running, started P90X, maybe 233k 2/3.
 And then BAM, on a late night run, about 10minutes in, the genius in me decided to hit REPLAY on a song, without paying attention, landed on the cracked asphalt and ate it GOOD! As I went down I felt my[right]  foot twist, landed on the other knee, phone flying in front of me, catching myself on both hands. I was scared sh8tless and started immediately laughing while crying a little bit. WTF, just happened?!?! Crawled to my phone, and then to the curb, texting my husband. In the conversation, describing the pain, it seemed like I might of sprained my ankle. We laughed and he told me to call someone to pick me up since the walk wasn't so close. I refused and limped for 20minutes back to MIL's house! The next day it was swollen, and I braved walking to get my daughter registered for preschool, then back to MIL's to let it relax and iced. The following day I went into see the doctor, sure enough, I SPRAINED MY ANKLE, leaving it to heal for 7-8 weeks, NO RUNNING or PIVOTING!! I though my life was over, I know, the exaggeration!! Running had became natural to me, since I was back home, dealing with the tragic loss of my dad, and not seeing him when I went to visit my mom & siblings, really hurt. So, I'd run almost nightly, to deal with the pain. About a week or 2 later, I ordered a Spin Bike [another passion I love] and got busy with that.

My current injury, Plantar Fasiitis, it's a PAIN to deal with but I'm keeping at it. It started during Week ONE of Insanity, I was landing pretty hard and was driven to keep going but it wasn't looking pretty. Doc told me to stay off when need be, ice it, take pain revilers, ease off when I feel it, use a gel foot sole, don't start Insanity for a whole..bummer!!!  I've learned to pace myself, I ran my FIRST Half-Marathon See Jane Run last month, dealing with it, although, it didn't start aching until mile 8/9. It's been almost 7 weeks and I've struggled with the ups/down. I had to lay off of it all together early on. Fortunately, it's been (shhhh), way better lately....I'm one happy runner!!!

Whatever the injury is, I've learned that patience will get me through it, don't get me wrong, it's FRUSTRATING.

"Don't wait to for inspiration to find you; BECOME IT!!"

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  1. ARGGGHHH! Plantar fasciitis sucks!! I had to give up walking barefoot, and now I wear birkenstocks (they're so ugly) or my custom orthotics in my shoes. I also roll a water bottle full of ice under my foot while typing up blog posts at night. Hugs! I hope it gets better soon!